13 thoughts on “Did You See This?”

  1. I love it. She was very articulate & said so much, with very few words. Her final straw was the stupidity and arrogance of the woman in front of her. She, along with all of us, needs to hold on though as I am afraid this is just the start of what we are going to see in the weeks ahead. Good Luck & Health to all!

  2. I agree, and would add, “Everyone needs to get a grip!!” This is not the end of the world, as strange as things seem. Eventually things will go back to normal, though that may be a little different than it was. Humans adapt!

  3. What a (w)itch. I was in line Friday for 1 hour with about 7 items in Sams and thanked one of the worn out clerks for their patience with all the people. There must have been 40 people in the 1 line I was in.

  4. LOL! I had a coworker spray me down with Lysol once because I happen to sneeze during cold season… I then had a full blown asthma attack from it. People can be nuts!

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