I Think I’ve Finally Figured It Out

For the past month I’ve been agonizing whether or not to let my blog wither and die. I downloaded a program to archive all the previous blog posts. I’ve researched changing the website to be less blog intensive.

I’d gone for two weeks with only posting once, I think, when I was used to posting much more often. I did add the winners to the newsletter winners page, but other than that, nada. That was most definitely not like me. That’s why I was thinking of disbanding the blog.

And then the COVID-19 stuff happened.

I realized that I wanted to voice my two cents worth somewhere other than Twitter or Facebook. Voila! A blog post was born.

Now, however, I have more than enough to say, and maybe that’s the answer. Post when I want to communicate or share something. Don’t post when I don’t have anything to say. Could it really be that easy?

That’s what I’m going to do. My verbosity might be seasonal. Or have something to do with my workload. You know I have opinions, so I’ll continue to share them. And, hopefully, you will, too. 🙂

(There’s no reason for the picture attached to this post other than I laughed when I saw it.)

11 thoughts on “I Think I’ve Finally Figured It Out”

  1. LOL!!! I soooo agree with that saying!
    That’s me 100% now a days.
    The good thing is that I’m still an early riser and I still am on a ‘some-what-normal’ schedule.

    Ms. Karen, if you post 5X’s a day or once every three months….it’s all good! 🧐
    Your blog, your rules, do what you feel like doing.
    I do not comment all of the time, but I do read your post all of the time.

    Have a nice day! 🌼

  2. You do realize that all of us enjoy knowing you through your blog, right?

    OK – I understand your thinking. I would like to share with you, that like others have expressed, I enjoy hearing from you. I believe that you always provide interesting opinions. And I would miss never hearing from you.

    I believe doing it when you wanna, makes sense. And I thank you for that.

    Take care….tell Stanley to be a good guy. Give him a hug from Sonny…well actually Sonny is not comfortable with affectionate expressions….Maybe I can teach him to fist bump…Of course first I must find him a fist.

    Don’t get too, too introspective – remember to share.

  3. Falling asleep in my chair at 830 if I’m not occupied…but usually up ‘tween 430 & 5. Had to call daddy & tell him. That used to be our bedtime when we were kids.
    May not comment all the time, but do enjoy your visits to my inbox. Would miss you if you left.
    Big hug to Stanley. Take Care of yourself.

  4. I am so glad you decided to continue with your blog. I so love reading your opinions. I find myself agreeing with you 99% of the time and I enjoy your humor along with your viewpoint. I also love reading about the antics of Lord Stanley. It is refreshing to hear that you have the same daily happenings as the rest of us. I anxiously await your next posting.

  5. Uh oh. I did not get a picture

    Do what makes you happy. I love your posts and your opinions and your pooch stories. Take good care

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