Once More Into the Breach

I published a post this morning that was the basis for my changing my mind on the way we should handle Covid-19.

Then I deleted it.


I worried that I was adding to the panic. Although the article was convincing, I wasn’t 100% convinced that the mortality rate was going to be as high as the author postulated. What also bothered me was that he wasn’t a medical expert or a statistician.

Bottom line, viruses can’t be contained. However, limiting contact would probably be wise.

5 thoughts on “Once More Into the Breach”

  1. First of all, I am worried that so many people appear to think the “sky is falling”. Second of all, MOST OF THE PEOPLE WHO GET THIS VIRUS HAVE A MILD CASE .

    Yes, there are deaths, but in reality, the majority of healthy people can overcome it. Many people can be ill at home in self isolation and recover. No hospital needed.

    I had to go to the grocery this morning….it was very sad. No carts, no parking spots, lines to check out which went up and down aisles and this had evidently started at 6 am when the store opened.

    The first 2 cases in Travis county, Austin, are diagnosed. And the head of Texas’ health department – doctor someone – said that we can deal with this – wash hands – wash hands – wash hands. And staying out of crowds, probably a good idea. If we limit the crowds etc, we can probably deal with this.

    Ma’am, I am so sorry that John is being affected by this. When I think of all the employees who are hanging on by a thread. South by Southwest brings half a million people to Austin every year. Now that it is no more there are several hundred million dollars not coming into the city. Many small businesses may sink because SXSW is their big money maker for the year. The virus is hurting people whether they get sick or not.

    I am older than dirt, so I should definitely avoid crowds. And I believe most people will be better served by staying out of crowds.

    But, we must not feel so much fear. Common sense. Do the things our mamas’ told us, wash your hands, don’t get up in anyone’s face and have faith that you can handle this.

    I am not saying this virus is not significant….I am saying that if we take care of ourselves, we are much more significant.

  2. I did like the concept of “social distancing”. But then again, that’s my status quo! Stay well.

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