Don’t Go Nuts

Y’all, I know the Covid-19 virus has recently been rated as a pandemic, but I personally believe that some people are going nuts.

Here is some basic information about the numbers, information that we’re not getting through the usual media sources. People are all for behaving like Chicken Little, and the sky isn’t falling.

Here are two links with real data:

And here’s a page from the BBC on the virus itself:

Bottom line, y’all, more people die in car accidents every year. Or the flu. (And MOST IMPORTANT – most people are surviving this.)

Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Stay well. And don’t go nuts.

13 thoughts on “Don’t Go Nuts”

  1. I totally agree with you Karen. Its gone way overboard and crazy!! We should already be doing half the things they want us to anyway.

    Hugs ❤ Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  2. A local newspaper editor posted the fact that people under 35 are not familiar with childhood diseases. When I was a kid we had chicken pox., more than one type of measles, and mumps.and most kids got most of them. We also had polio, which was much more frightening. Modern scientists have eliminated these. Flu and colds are about the only air borne contagious diseases we hear much about and there are vaccines for flu. Therefore the coronavirus is an extreme unknown.
    I am going to keep your links because they seem very informative. Thank you.

  3. I was in Walmart yesterday and saw a man with 2 huge packages of TP in his cart! Why the rush of TP?

    I have been washing my hands with hot water and soap since the fall repeatedly; no sense in taking chances on the flu. As a paraprofessional in a pre-K class some 25 years ago, we were ordered to wash our hands frequently and I’ve never stopped.

    I’m also a senior with underlying conditions so I’m doing everything I can to protect myself.

  4. Apparently the lines at the stores today were stupid long. One of my husband’s coworker’s texted this evening with a picture of where she was halfway down the aisle in line at the HEB. And then I saw photos online at Krogers had me shaking my head. I usually do 2 grocery runs each week just so we have fresh veggies and all. Tomorrow is my normal day. I’m worried about what I’ll find – or won’t find as the case may be. I thought we were over some of the hoarding with the exception of hand sanitizer and disinfectant. I guess I was very wrong.

  5. Just rolling with the flow!!! This is not the first epidemic we have had and won’t be the last. also I believe that singing in the bathroom has increased

  6. I agree with you – the media has blown this totally out of portion. Just use common sense. I’ve become selective on what I read online and staying off of social media and it helps. Getting a lot reading done, especially your books. Love The Wizard!

  7. People are going nuts. Trying to get even the most basic of cleaning supplies for those of us who need them on a daily basis when there is no pandemic is nearly impossible. My life is all about keeping things clean and germ-free taking care of my mother and now I’m scouring the Internet for such things as bathroom cleaner and Lysol spray…not to mention toilet paper. *rolling eyes*
    It’s all common sense and stuff everyone should’ve been doing every day of their lives. Washing their hands and keeping your fingers out of facial orifices. Of course, if everyone would get a flu shot each year, everyone would be safer and healthier for the effort and consideration for others. You see, that’s what is the problem. Folks only think of themselves. They’re sick so they go shopping, to work, or even to the movies. Their kids are sick, they drag them along on errands. If you’re sick, stay home. If your kids are sick, you stay home with them. If you have to sneeze or cough, think of those around you and don’t do it on them. And when you go somewhere such as a friend’s home or care facility, think about the possibility of you bringing a bug into the environment that might harm them. Common sense and consideration.
    Lots of info out there. I’ve been sharing as much as possible. Information is always the best weapon. Ignorance is an enemy to us all.

  8. Not panicking, but still paying attention. Our state has put in a lot of restrictions, so I’m just being careful.

  9. I feel not so hot because I have allergies – and oak is gonna do me in….probably before the virus gets me.

    I think it is rather sad that people have become so frightened about something that they can at least defend against to a degree.

    Maybe the fright is because so many are more familiar with technology than other humans…and technology is telling them the SKY IS FALLING.

  10. Thank you, Karen. Your advice and connecting info is priceless. I have been to the grocery stores, and found both extremes–“I’m going home as soon as I have food for six months” to “Why is everybody so scared? I’m going about my business as usual and whatever happens, happens.” I will admit I was very uncomfortable as my husband and I are older seniors. With your message I now fee somewhat uncomfortable. I truly appreciate your time and effort on our behalf!

  11. People fighting over toilet paper is just ridiculous. I saw a story on the news it showed two women in Australia punching each other over toilet paper. People are stupid.
    Take care of yourself Karen. My husband and I are trying to avoid going out at all. We have plenty of food and toilet paper, haha

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