Just a Quick Hello

I’m getting ready to shower, but I wanted to say a quick hello. I started a new book today, so I’m hunkered down with my nose to the grindstone again.

Why am I taking a shower at 4:00 PM, you ask?

Well, it’s like this. Stanley jumped up on my lap for a snuggle. Then he curled into a ball and started cleaning himself. In the anal region. Of course, all hell broke loose and anal gland fluid went everywhere. Chair, me, me, and more me. I’ve sprayed the chair with a gallon of Febreeze, but I can’t do anything about myself. Think skunk without any tomato juice handy.

The incident made me think about how our lives are impacted by our pets. I know mine has been. We twist ourselves into pretzels for them, don’t we? Yet we’re given so much in return. After I exercised this afternoon Stanley crawled into my lap, put his head on my shoulder and took a nap. Of course I joined him for a half hour. What a lovely way to chill out.

My early shower is certainly a small price to pay for devotion and cuddles, isn’t it? (But I can’t wait until I smell better!) (Oh, by the way, he’s already been deodorized. He smells great. I’m the one who stinks.)

4 thoughts on “Just a Quick Hello”

  1. well that has never happened to me with the cats , my issue was claws. Jeep once looked at me with such love in her eyes while her claws dug into my bare legs . and also claws on a sunburn is not pleasant but we still love them anyway, right?

  2. Stanley made me laugh out loud !
    Yes they are sometimes a pain but the love they give us. Priceless and to be cherished

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