The Joys of Getting Older – Hair


I swear, I don’t know what’s happened to my hair. I must have gone through 20 products in the past couple of months, things to give my hair body or make it less fine. Nothing has worked.

Remember the last time I complained about my hair? I took all your recommendations and bought them. I’ve spent a fortune and I’ve got a lot of products, but I can honestly say that none of them have worked.

Getting older is not for the faint of heart. Everything changes. You get hair in weird places and then you start to lose hair in weird places. I’ve mentioned, before, that my eyebrows – that were always a pain – have disappeared. I don’t know what happened to them.

I’m very happy that, wrinkle wise, I’m doing pretty good. But the hair issue is driving me nuts. It doesn’t help that it’s also getting thinner on the top. I thought only guys got bald? Hello?

Do you remember Dippity Do? It was this translucent gel that you stuck on your hair and it held it with the strength of cement. I’m almost at the point of looking for Dippity Do. It can’t be any worse than the other things I bought. I’ve always had a problem with my hair being fine, but it used to have body. Now it doesn’t have anything.

Oh, if I could only lose weight as easily as I’m losing hair.

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  1. Starting thyroid meds and testosterone helped me with weight gain, hair loss, and energy. Doc said it’s more common for menopausal women and older to need than is diagnosed, because it takes assessing Free T3/T4 ratio, not just TSH levels. Been about 4 years. The thyroid pills are tiny and the testosterone sublingual tastes better without fake flavors.

    Thanks for sharing aging challenges!

  2. At age 55 my hair turned white. Hubby has had me color it (light brown) every since that. He says he is too young to have a white haired wife. He is a couple years older than I am, LOL, and almost bald and white haired. Now I am 70 and Ms. Ranney having the same issues you pointed out. Yes, I do remember Dippy Do and hair rollers that we slept in. I still have to roll my hair in those same rollers (with a bunch of product) to have any hair style that will stay more than 1 hour. Thin, fine hair and a nice thin spot on top is my sad song. But hey, I do still have some hair and the money to buy more products…

  3. I was told by the lady who cuts my hair when I complained of the same thing. That my hair wasn ‘t thining. Apparently when you hair starts becoming gray you hair becomes finer…This is what happened to me. My hair is almost completely gray and it seems to have no life left.

  4. You’ve had so many dietary changes, it could be your body is reacting to that. Hopefully, it will level out and go back to normal soon.

  5. yes, the hair loss is a daily grievance for me. i used to have medium fine hair and lots of it. now….not so much

  6. I am so sorry for what is making you unhappy. You are correct, as we age, nothing is as we expect it to be.

    I reckon the only thing that is a good thing, the alternative to aging is probably more difficult.

  7. Yes, women can go bald. Sayin that–are you on any anti-depression drugs or cholesterol
    drugs. Both can cause hair loss. I was losing my eyebrows, getting thinner and thinner by the minute (the eyebrows, not me [sorry to say] and my doctor refused to refill my ‘script until he saw me again. My eyebrows started to come back. I wish I could say that the rest of the hair I have been losing is coming back (alas, no)! Do not answer my questions, except to your self. Just know that there are others out here suffering from worse effects of aging. If you find another solution, please pass them on.

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