Ta-Dah! I’m Done!

I’m done with revisions. Yay!

Stanley has destroyed the living room. He LOVES boxes, so this morning I put some of his kibble in small boxes and let him tear them apart. Now I have to go clean it up.

Plus, I’ve been incommunicado on all social media, so I need to say hello.

Rather than practice separation anxiety last week, I took Stanley with me on an errand. He got sick again. I don’t know what it is with me and my dogs. Flash got car sick, too. Before I got Stanley, I bought a back seat sling like the one I had for Flash. I need to go put it in the car today and fix his seat belt for the back. Maybe being in the back would be better for him. I know it would be better for the car’s upholstery.

He has a grooming appointment tomorrow. Since it’s so difficult to get Nexgard into him, I need to make sure he doesn’t have any varmints. (I have to grind up Nexgard in a small blender I use for only that use, then mix it with ground chicken. It’s the only way he”ll take it. It beats the heck out of trying to put it down his throat. I could force feed Flash pills if I had to. Stanley’s got a shorter throat and mouth. It’s harder.)

Oh, Stanly’s decided to stop sleeping on the chair. He’s started sleeping between his bed and my bed, on the carpet. Stanley changes things up periodically. I’ve learned just to shrug and ignore it.

I need to start on the new book, but the rest of this week is being spent taking care of things that I didn’t do for two weeks. I’ll start on Monday, but I’ll be thinking of it until then.

My diet has changed again. I can’t eat soy, because of my uric acid levels. I don’t want to go back on the medication. I’ve also had to give up certain fruits and vegetables because of their fructose levels. I’m disappointed, because I loved soy yogurt. Darn it. I have to be careful with beans, too. It just means that I have to drink more water and watch what I eat. I’ve started using Cronometer. What a cool program!

Hasn’t the year gone by fast so far? I need the time to slow a little.

Okay, off to put up the sling in the car and clean the living room. I hope you have a glorious day and that everything you attempt is successful!

9 thoughts on “Ta-Dah! I’m Done!”

  1. You know, you sound exhilarated. It must be the joy of being done with the revisions. So, Stanley likes to change things up.

    Sonny will only go to the bathroom in certain areas during our walks….I mean literally only two places are the right place. And he is so devoted to his routine that if things are a wee bit off, he refuses to go at all.

    I hope that you can figure out a diet which is easier for you and does all the things you hope. Take care and we missed you.

    • Stanley constantly changes things. It always amazes me.

      I am a happy camper to finish the revisions. These were tough, but it made the book better.

      I’ve learned so much about nutrition in the past year. Every time I think I have it down, I learn something new.

    • You know what really annoys me, Annette? I found out today that one of the medications my doctor put me on caused the rise in my uric acid. AND a rash all over my body. So, I stopped that today. Jeesh.

  2. I guess I’m lucky–I just put the Nexguard a and the Heartguard in with the kibble and both dogs just gobble it down. Beagles are notorious for eating anything that even resembles food.

    • Stanley just stopped taking it three months ago. He carried it into the living room and left it there. Thankfully, he still eats the Heartgard.


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