Happy Friday!

Y’all, I had a wild week. Lots of things happened.

My microwave caught on fire. It can’t be salvaged, unfortunately. (Not enough water when cooking something. It caught on fire. I didn’t notice until the flames were well advanced.)

I single handedly destroyed one of my Instant Pots. (Different day, same week.) (I inserted the steamer basket, then poured four cups of water inside. I didn’t notice that the inner pot wasn’t there, so I basically ruined it. I’m still kicking myself about this mistake.)

I lost an entire chapter of the new book and I still don’t know how I did it. (Still in the dark about this one.)

I think I ruined my electric kettle (part of the Instant Pot destruction). (Water poured all over the electric base of the kettle.)

The screen door in the kitchen now needs to be repaired. (That was just weird. The door nearly fell off in my hand as I opened it.)

So, ack!

However, when I picked up my car from the service department of the dealership this week, I had a lovely encounter with someone. There was a problem, but she was sweet and helpful in getting it fixed.

I lost three pounds.

My editor read the new book in record time so now I get to work on editorial revisions.

I did my son’s taxes the other night and he’s getting a huge refund. Plus, his student loan is finally paid off (we celebrated).

Stanley and I slept together last night because I was cold. He’s a great heating pad. (He’s on the arm of my chair as we speak. Still nice and warm.)

So, all in all, everything balanced out.

Hope your ups and downs were a wash, too. Or more on the plus side.

Have a wonderful Friday!

7 thoughts on “Happy Friday!”

  1. I think you and small appliances should stay separated for a few days!! My dogs sleep with me every night—some nights I wake up too warm, but on these cold winter nights I like being toasty.

  2. Oh my, thank goodness you weren’t
    burned. It seems like appliances,
    all seem to go out at once. Thank goodness, they are replaceable, you are not.
    I agree our dogs do keep us warm, they give the best snuggles. How exciting for your son and you!!!
    To loose 3 lbs, you go girl, that’s great!!!!

    Have a fantastic weekend.

  3. Please tell John how proud I am for him to have paid off his student loans. That makes him exceptional. But, his mother already knew that.

    Sorry for the accidents. Very glad for all the good stuff. I reckon it is like everything else, things balance out generally.

  4. I guess I am thankful for an uneventful week. I will take that over a week in the minus column. Hope your weekend and next week bring you happy(ier) times!

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