Just Dribbles

Yesterday was the yuckiest day – dark, rainy, not cold – about 66 degrees. But dark. (Stanley was very brave, though, and went outside to do his thing.) Today promises to be much better.

Stanley is on the side of the chair snoozing and snoring. He insists on the first nap of the day being on me and wedges himself into my chair. He’s a soft, snuggly doggy pillow.

I’m starting a new book soon. Actually, I’m starting three. I have monumental goals for 2020. Hey, I think it’s better to aim high. Anyway, I have stuff all over my desk – things I have to get out of the way before I start to write. The busier I am, the messier I get.

I am absolutely lost without my “to do” program. I have prompts for everything in my life. I have been practicing with three different programs and I think I’ve narrowed it down to the one that will work the best. Isn’t it cool to have so many choices?

My office, however, has become pack-rat central again. It’s a character flaw of mine. I will keep things in my office instead of putting them somewhere else. Or I’ll stack stuff on my desk and then get frustrated when I can’t get organized. It’s my fault and the only way to fix it is to change my behavior.

The other day I read that it takes a lot more than a few dozen times to learn a new habit. It’s something like 66 times. Maybe that’s why we don’t form new habits all that often.

Stanley has just jumped down and gotten settled into his comfy bed at my feet. Evidently, my typing has disturbed his beauty sleep.

I ran across this picture the day care sent from a few days ago. It looks like it should be called Ebony and Ivory, doesn’t it?

Stanley and I practice separation anxiety every week. He’s doing pretty good on being alone for 30 minutes. Before, when I left, I gave him his bone, but he wouldn’t eat it until I returned. Now he’s eating it while I’m gone. I also turn a dog program on TV, leave him some treats and his bone, and reassure him that I shall return. He’s beginning to believe me.

He still needs to go to doggy day care every few weeks to sniff derriere, though. Priorities being what they are… 🙂

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