A Friday Kind of Mood

I’m having a snit fit. I’m angry at myself, plus I’m not too happy with the world right now.

We do get annoyed at things in our lives, don’t we? Every single one of us. Things don’t work, or we’ve screwed something up, or the world is getting weird, stupid, and nasty around us.

What to do then? Well, take a few steps back, try not to call people you love morons, and maybe turn off the TV.


I’m finding that more and more of what I’m watching on TV is comprised of documentaries. I don’t like Hollywood’s version of “normal life”. For example, I was watching a series the other day and it occurred to me that nobody would have any problems if somebody in the group had a few morals. Everyone was playing musical beds.


I finished the edits on a new book this morning. I don’t know why I don’t feel more exultant. Maybe it has something to do with this book kicking me in the derriere. I do love the story, though. It’s different from anything I’ve ever written. It’s called The Wizard. Look for it soon.


Avon is having a price promotion on A Highland Duchess in the next few days. I think starting January 13th, for $1.99.


Stanley cracked me up earlier. He’s a very anxious dog, as you know. He went outside, then froze at the sight of something. I watched him closely – ready to go out and protect him – but it was a leaf blowing across the yard. He crept up to it, finally, sniffed it, then went on his way. Silly Stanley.

18 thoughts on “A Friday Kind of Mood”

    • I like to watch TV which I’m decompressing from writing all day. I’ve been watching oodles of documentaries.

  1. Karen,

    Oh dear who in your world pissed you off? Sic em Stanley!

    I can’t hardly watch today’s series. The only ones I am comfortable with anymore are reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond, Monk or Seinfeld. I watch the Hallmark Movie channel ALOT. Thank God they’ve finally finished with the Christmas movies. In my opinion it was overkill. They started Christmas movies before Halloween and it just ended last Sunday. On the Hallmark movie channel they have mystery series on there which I love.

    As you know I’m a LivePD fan and never miss a new episode that are live on Friday and Saturday nites. I have mad respect for our boys in blue and their K9’s.

    The Wizard sounds interesting. Can’t wait till it’s released. Hope you have a better day and survived our storms last night! Whew! Even I got scared of the lightning 🌩 ⛈

  2. I agree, TV is not worth my time. I also watch Hallmark, but normally
    read to wind down after work. Can’t
    wait to read the Wizard.

    Our dogs give us laughter, love
    and a lot comfort. Go! Stanley.
    Have a great day!

  3. Silly Stanley! My mom got a new puppy, a long hair chihuahua named Sammie, she is very hyper. When we take her in the back yard she attacks every leaf she sees. I said if we have a leaf apocalypse then Sammie will surely save us! Love our new family member!

    • How cute! I do like Chihuahas, but some of them can be biters! I think it has to do with how they’re raised, don’t you?

  4. I slept in a musical bed once, then I realized my radio was under the pillow. I hope everybody goes off to see the Wizard or at least read about the wizard. SCI FI Fanasty?

  5. I had to fight with a slat on my bed this morning. Changing sheets and somehow a slat fell half off. I spent some time going from one side of the bed to the other trying to get it back the way it should be. And I used language for which I am ashamed. Then, I laughed at myself. I asked God if this was a joke?

    I realize that Stanley is the kind of dog who wants to protect you from all the vicious flying leaves. Be happy. Sonny looks cute. That is his life work. Think of those blonde cheerleader types in high school. They walked around looking terrific, and jumping around doing cheers was about the extent of their skill set. That is the love of my life, Sonny. He is my cuite patootie, but he is not into play or any activity.

    • I like Sonny. Stanley has a lot of Sonny tendencies.
      I bought Stanley a game that Flash used to love. Stanley sniffed at it and walked away. Comparisons are odious, aren’t they? I love Stanley for who he is.

  6. Some days you just can’t win. The breeze blows the wrong way up your skirt.
    TV is not what it used to be, I like the old shows. We don’t have cable anymore, just PBS now. I do agree that morals seem to be very much a “missing person”. Not pleased about that.
    Sometimes when we have a tough time with something, it turns out to be better. Because of the struggle or extra thought.?
    Fur babies can be such a joy. They are love, laughs, comforters, company, and protection.. From leaves?

    • I love the old shows. I don’t have cable anymore, either, and I don’t miss it.

      Sometimes, working harder for something gives you an appreciation for it.

      Stanley is an absolute pill at times, and then a joy. 🙂

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