Auntie Karen Speaks – Shame

Auntie Karen hasn’t been let out of the closet very often lately, because when she does emerge she has a tendency to be rather pungent in her opinions.

Auntie Karen is not a fuddy-duddy. She’s a pretty “with it” kind of gal. She has lots of things in her past that she doesn’t care to share only because some of the more innocent in the crowd might go screaming off into the hinterlands at the mention of them. She has done some gnarly things.

However, Auntie Karen has never taken off her clothes and taken a picture of herself. She has never sent a picture of her bare boobs to anyone. The only people who might have some idea of her anatomy are those lucky gentleman with whom she had some hanky panky and her doctors. She has never even taken off her clothes in front of her female friends, either, since all her female friends have equipment of a similar nature.

Auntie Karen believes that the human body is a beautiful thing, but if she is going to witness a naked human body she would much prefer that it was male. Not pretty male, either, which is instantaneously suspicious in Auntie Karen’s mind. She wonders at the audience of such a selfie and doubts, very much, if it is geared toward the female persuasion.

Lately, Auntie Karen has been assailed and assaulted by various naked pictures. She has learned never to go trolling on Instagram without having been fortified by very strong coffee. Evidently, it is the thing for women of all sizes to reveal their abdomens and paint eyes on it with belly buttons being mouths. She is not amused and would like to expunge the sight of anyone else’s navel from her long-term memory.

Auntie Karen would like to suggest a return to some level of shame. Just enough to induce a great many people to put their clothes back on and refrain from some of their conversations on social media. Auntie Karen is a cosmopolitan woman with no desire whatsoever to hear about details of masturbation or the idea of bestiality being made legal.


Final words of wisdom: Men have two emotions: Hungry and Horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich.

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  1. I loved your last sentence but be sure to report it to the authorities. Happened to me many years ago, only it wasn’t women. I reported it right away and it stopped.

  2. I don’t know . While I have been both hungry and in need of affection . It would be limited if I just had 2 emotions . I would feel that I would have a lower intelligence level if I was just Hungry and Horny and also not have the ability to appreciate other things in life. Now men who are JUST hungry and Horny , really limit themselves from living life. I do wish to say that I am sorry that you are being exposed to nudity without your permission . That should only be proper within the limit of an intimate relationship and both parties in said relationship have agreed to proper rules concerning such pics ahead of time

  3. Your last line of this post is worth a mint. Thanks for the laugh.

    I believe that the always available nudity is partly based on the fact that some people are influenced by “celebrities”.

    If you have looked at a magazine, newspaper or news show you have probably seen some woman wearing an outfit which makes her look like a very expensive woman of the evening. If someone is influenced by celebrities – and who the heck got the brilliant idea for people to become influencers – then that someone is going to want to become like the admired person.

    The normal thought process would mean that if someone famous can be bare and be in pictures all over the place that must be the thing to do to get attention.

    And as Sandra said – what about self respect? Our younger people are losing the idea of holding themselves to be valuable. Clothing has become throw away, furniture is no longer expected to last more than a month and young women no longer seem to find themselves to be treasures.

    We have lost a great deal, not the least of which is the idea that each human being is to be valued for who they are, not for what they don’t wear.

  4. I try to be careful on SM, but only so much can be controlled.

    I think some, not all, parents over-indulged their kids, rewarded or ignored bad behavior, so these people have been taught by those parents this behavior is okay and socially acceptable. Society has relaxed, so it grew. I’m not sure it will be reversed, but we can hope.

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