Christmas Shopping

Y’all, I have finished my Christmas shopping, but then I only have one person to buy for: my son John.

If I can find something Green Bay Packers related or something technology oriented, I’m good. It’s not as if he doesn’t know what’s coming. He has an idea.

As far as my gifts, I send him a list of things I’ve seen on Amazon that I would like but couldn’t justify buying. He picks one out and buys it, and it’s kinda/sorta a surprise.

I remember, however, when I had oodles of people to buy for and never enough money. One disastrous year I made gifts for everyone. I’m still embarrassed about that.

If it’s the thought that counts I think less is more. Why go into debt for something people won’t remember in a year?

I remember when I had the boys make presents of promises. They had to come up with a number of promises and write them down on a card, then give them to the rest of the family as gifts. When it was time to cash in your promise, it had to be done without complaints or whining. Things like: I’ll wash the car, I’ll clean my room, I’ll wash the dog. That sort of thing.

Hmmm. Maybe I can talk John into giving me a promise card again. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping”

  1. I use to spend way, way too much for Christmas. And I would start agonizing as to what to get in October. This went on for almost 50 years. A few years back we gave up on extended family (my niece has 7 kids and they’re loaded lol) plus most on my list were well off and extremely hard to buy for. So now we have a secret santa. Everyone makes a list of ideas and we pull names so no one knows who they get (although some husbands can’t keep their mouths shut and think they’ll get help – no lol), we set a limit and it’s soooo much better. The only one I splurge on now is my one and only grandchild.

  2. I only have a few people to buy for. My mum, my 2 kids, and my oldest one’s boyfriend. I haven’t even started. Lol. I know pretty much what I’m giving them, just not actually gotten them. My mum loves fruitcake w/ bourbon but can’t really find one she can afford. I found a recipe I hope she likes and I’m going to bake it for her. Takes a couple weeks to be ready because you have to drizzle it every 3-4 days with the booze. Hopefully she’ll like it or at least the effort. 😉

  3. I have bought a few things but have a lot more to buy. When my kids were young I would shop all year long and by Christmas I had a big bin of items. I loved it and felt a lot less stress from not waiting to the last minute.

  4. Presents of Promise. Wish we would have thought of that years ago. It’s a great idea. We made things when we were kids. Learned to sew and my sister got some Barbie clothes. Learned to knit, Mom got a scarf, learned to weave, well that square loom thing that made pot holders. You get the idea, home made cards only last so long, art was big in my family. Anyway, hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

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