A Different Kind of Gratitude

I received an interesting email this morning. It was from a company that does specialized dog food. I think it’s fair to say that I’ve spent a small fortune to get Stanley to eat. I’ve found a combination of three foods that have worked for the past two months. Plus, he gets rewarded for eating with his favorite treat – the Oravet bone. It’s a big celebration every morning. Good boy!!! Look at you, you ate your dinner! At night he must be hungrier because he scarfs down his meal without being encouraged. (He gets a little Blue Buffalo Weight Control with chicken, a little ground beef, and a little of Dr. Tim’s Weight Control kibble, all warmed in the microwave, of course.)

But back to the email. The person who wrote it proffered a question: what are you thankful for about your dog?

First of all, let me say that I’m thankful for my son, my health, and all of you.

What am I thankful for with Stanley? Well, I’m thankful that he came into my life and gave me something to love after losing Flash. It shocked me that I got another dog only nine months after Flash died. He didn’t replace Flash, no one could, but he did give me purpose, if that’s the way to say it. I love the two of them in a different way, something else that surprises me. Flash was the smartest dog I’ve ever had. There were times when I could swear he knew what I was thinking. Stanley thinks differently, and you want to protect him because you know fear is at the root of most of his behavior.

Stanley loves playing with the laser pointer. He could care less about games or puzzles. He is easily startled, but we’re practicing a little sensitivity training with that. He loves to cuddle and thinks that the arms of any chair are designed for him.

So, bottom line, I think that I’m grateful for the love I feel for Stanley. Sometimes, it bumps up against exasperation because he’s barking at the ceiling fans again or eating a cardboard box, but that’s always temporary. Love is best reason for having a pet, isn’t it?

How about you? What are you grateful for with your pet?

3 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Gratitude”

  1. I’m greatful for the love and companionship of my pets. They are more like 2 year old children at times then 8 year old pups, but they put a smile on my face and keep me laughing each day with their goofiness.

  2. I’m so glad that you and Stanley have each other. Loving your pet is different than loving your son and him loving you. The love and warmth that I feel when I’m coming home after a rough day at work because of Daisy is so great. She waits for me and is so excited to see me and truly happy. We are everything to her and I guess having that kind of unconditional love is just unbeatable. She is the same with Mike and Kathleen excited beyond measure to see them as if it’s been a month instead of a few hours. It really is something.

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