Me and the Instant Pot, Chapter 2

I’ve already told you that I’m a lamentable cook. I don’t have the patience to stand and stir, baste, or keep an eagle eye on the oven.

The Instant Pot was made for people like me.

I first heard about it when it came out and went, “Meh.” It just didn’t interest me. Plus, I’ve always been terrified of pressure cookers. My mom had one that exploded once, sending tomato sauce all over the ceiling.

However, I started buying and eating lots and lots and lots of beans. Let me tell you how boring it is to make beans. First, the soaking, then the draining, then the cooking. I heard that the Instant Pot makes any kind of beans in a jif, so I bought one.

It came, I read the instructions, and…I was really nervous until I realized that the systems on the electric pressure cookers are designed to keep it safe. I think you really have to TRY to do some damage to override them.

Well, I started making beans. Then I made Stanley’s chicken in it – frozen chicken breasts to pull apart tender chicken in 30 minutes. Then I started making soup in it – a broccoli soup that’s really, really good. Then steaming greens. Then baking potatoes. More beans. Then groats.

Bottom line, I use my Instant Pot every day. Sometimes, two or more times. It even cooks Stanley’s ground beef. Yes, he’s the carnivore in the house. I have even toyed with the idea of buying another Instant Pot because I keep it that busy. Who knew I would be so fixated?

Oh, and I haven’t burned anything in ages!

How about you? Do you have/use an Instant Pot? What’s your experience?

6 thoughts on “Me and the Instant Pot, Chapter 2”

  1. I have looked at the Instant pot. I wasn’t sure if I would like it, or use much. But it sounds like something that I could use daily.

  2. Wow Karen, after you’ve endorsed it now I have to have one. The most used appliance in our kitchen besides the coffee maker is our electric skillet. I love using that. Anyway, getting an Instant Pot.

  3. I was gifted with an Instant Pot just recently.
    I will admit I was a bit intimidated by it, it looked too complicated. 😩
    You have all these push here, press there, lots of dinging going on….LOL!!
    But I have gotten use to it so it’s not so bad anymore.
    I have to say that I do make lots of food in it….quickly and less messy.
    I seem to just ‘dust’ my stove lately, no greasy spills to wipe up anymore. 🙂
    I’m looking forward to try my hand at actually baking in it.
    I heard that a cheesecake does come out tasty from it, I’m gonna give it a go.

  4. My oldest daughter and her boyfriend gave me an Instant Pot last Christmas. I like it a lot and still trying different recipes. Lol

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