Foundations and Computers, Oh My

I wrote about my house’s foundation a few months ago. I was very distressed to get the five figure cost of 16 beams to level my foundation. I need a new kitchen floor, but everything had to be put aside for the foundation. I got a second opinion with the same consensus. However, I did get a nudge to call a structural engineer before I went with either bid.

I consider these nudges to be divine inspiration, frankly.

I called, they came, and spent hours measuring my house. (I took Stanley to day care because they were here for about five hours.) Bottom line, my foundation is within structural limits. In other words, I don’t need 16 beams. The cost for the engineer? $800, which is a lot better than five figures.

There’s only one thing he wants me to check and that’s the fact that the highest level in the house is the guest bathroom. So, the plumber is coming out next week to do a waste water survey to ensure I don’t have a leak there. Repairing a leak is STILL cheaper than five figures.

I have come to the conclusion that technology is not all cut and dried, zeros and ones. It’s freaky, sometimes. I’m beginning to wonder if computers are sentient. “Hey, guys, let’s screw with her mind, whadya say?” Case in point: I had a problem with a software I use every day. It announced a software update, but every time I tried to update it flashed on the screen, then turned itself off. I finally initiated a support ticket to the software gurus. This morning they answered with a canned response that just made me roll my eyes. They wanted me to uninstall the software and reinstall it. So, just for grins, I tried updating again. Yep, it worked perfectly. Go figure.

How about you? Have you had gremlins in your computers recently? Any horror stories about foundations you’d like to share?

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  1. So glad you’re not going to have to shell out a ton of money. My father-in-law had a problem with his foundation too, he lives on the same side of town that you do btw. The resolution for his house was to put soaker hoses around it. I guess so far it worked. I’m sure there may be other cities that have this problem with foundations but apparently it’s a San Antonio problem.

    Funny you should say you’ve been having computer issues. I’ve had a few at work where it’ll just go into this configuration update mode. Maybe our weather has something to do with it? The cold and the rain. Tomorrow it’s supposed to warm up and the suns sposed to come out. I’m ready for it!

  2. I’ve got personal experience with both issues 🙂

    Computers are beyond me. I haven’t taken the time to learn them properly so when something glitches I have found a re-start usually fixes it. I do have an ongoing glitch that’s gotta be a windows problem though. My computer freezes suddenly with no pattern to it. NOTHING works, my mouse is frozen, control-alt-escape or delete doesn’t work either. I’ve finally just hard shut down and re-start it a few minutes later and everything is fine until it happens again days or weeks later…beats me.

    Foundation problems: My parents home is built on the flat with a sloping hill to the south. The land under them is hard packed clay with no porous drainage. On year we had a massive “100 year rain deluge” and it filled an underground lake under the clay floating my parents home up. When we had a drought next the house settled and the foundation cracked causing doors to stick. This would go on in a cycle of dry & wet with doors sticking. When we had to sell the house during their estate I had to have it looked into and maybe fixed. I got 4-5 bids from foundation guys with varying amounts of massive $$ to fix it. I finally got a building inspector to look at it, he took measurements and concluded the house only varied about 1/4 to 3/8″ overall. He also noted the visible cracks were in the garage and it’s foundation walls. He assured us we didn’t need to have it fixed to sell and get a loan! Seems the house bearing load is on the foundation between the house and attached garage slab and that’s the reason it moves. My son-in-law trimmed the doors, they got the loan after I fixed the roof and they’re happy in the fixer-upper house I grew up in 😀

  3. The gremlins were messing with my computer last night. I don’t know what was going on. Maybe an update that wasn’t showing. I couldn’t get on my ISP for two hours. I was nearly in tears–why? Frustration.

    Why is the enter button not showing up on this page?

  4. Good for you on the foundation. We haven’t had any issues there, thankfully. We did have to get a new roof this year, though.

    Our smartcast TV comes on whenever it wants. We’ve turned it off & come down in the morning & it’s on. Not sure what’s up w/ that.

    • I use my phone more often than not, being in the semi most the time, it’s easier. But sometimes it blinks out, moves soooo slow, searching, refreshing, ugh. Not good when you’re looking for an address or alternate route. Sometimes the best thing is to turn it off and wait a couple of minutes and turn it back on.
      Yes, things do happen for a reason, glad you listened and got a better prognosis.

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