Bits and Bobs – Wednesday 11/13/19

Y’all, I have about 30 more books to mail out. I’ve made my mailman very annoyed. He’s had to pick up about 90 packages so far and he’s already grumpy. Some of the blog books are in that stack to be mailed, too. Plus, I have nine addresses to verify with people because the post office is saying they’re “ambiguous”. Love that definition. I’ve put stuff on hold until next weekend, however, to finish up the book.

I’ve been experimenting with two things to stop the migraines. I was reading how artificial sweeteners cause migraines. I’ve had a problem with aspartame, but in relation to it raising my blood pressure. I only use erythritol now because it’s the safest artificial sweetener. (Swerve is the brand I use.) I started drinking a lot more tea, plus a few nights I made myself a dairy free eggnog with it. Wham! Here came another migraine. I stopped using it. It’s only been three days, but I haven’t been getting migraines for three days so I’m a happy camper.

I also started wearing blue light blocker glasses. The ocular migraines almost always start at my computer. From my research blue light – which is generated by your computer – is also a cause of migraines. (Mine are vision first, then pain, but not the kind of horrendous pain most people get. It’s manageable, but going blind for 30 minutes is a bear.) I have both the clip on version and the glasses that fit over my prescription glasses. I’m surprised by how…unstressed my eyes feel while wearing them. I stare at a computer screen for at least six hours a day, so I’m appreciative for anything that can help.

Anyway, putting that out there for anyone who suffers from migraines. No artificial sweeteners and blue light glasses (they’re orange, by the way).

My favorite To Do program was purchased by Microsoft. Consequently, I’ve been without an electronic version to keep me on track. I’ve resorted to a paper calendar and it’s taking me a while to get the hang of it again. Like so many other people, I have things to do and schedules to keep. Maybe once the book is finished I can prowl around and find a program. Do you have one you’d recommend?

My Silly Stanley is still barking at the ceiling fans. I’ll hear this far off barking and know that he’s in the master bedroom. For some reason, he doesn’t notice them when they’re on, but when I turn them off he goes nutso. It was 33 today so the ceiling fan is off in my office, either, which is driving him crazy.

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  1. Migraines are still a mysterious thing. There must be tons of different remedies but they still aren’t sure what causes all of them. I had them until I went through menopause!!! Two good things at once lol. I still get the auras though without the headache. Very strange but I’m thankful. Mine always lasted 3 days. Now my one daughter gets them 🙁

  2. Received the books, thank you so much!

    Thanks for the blue light glasses info. With my job I have to stare at my computer screen a lot. Anything to reduce the headaches is welcome.
    There’s a yoga position (lay on the floor w/ your behind up against the baseboard & your legs running straight up the wall) that realigns your jaw & neck for TMJ & people who sleep wonky & get headaches from neck misalignment. Hurt like the devil the first 2-3 times, now I can tell a difference if I skip a day.

    Have a good one!

  3. I do not suffer from migraines and I am so sorry that you do. I hope you continue to find things and ways to help with those. I want to thank you so much for my package that I received from you. What could be better than receiving your books in the mall? WOW!!! Thank you, thank you ever so much. Helen in Ark.

  4. That is good news and thanks for the heads up on the orange, blue light blockers.
    I’ve come across some addresses that they ask if it’s a PO box or physical address. They get through anyway.
    Stanley is probably just telling the fan to turn on so he can cool off. LoL

  5. Gosh that’s good news, and thanks for the heads up on the orange, blue light blockers. Usually I just put on my prescription sunglasses that are polarized.
    I’ve come across addresses they ask if it’s a PO box or a physical address. I just say it’s the one I was given. They send it anyway. Ha.
    Maybe Stanley just needs the air blowing and wants it on, so is telling it to turn back on..

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