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I was horrified to realize that I have over 1500 emails. Yep, some of those I haven’t yet read. If I’m in the midst of a deadline – like now – things go by the wayside. Email is one of those things.

I’m still surrounded by piles of books. I finally added all 100 names and addresses to my spreadsheet to begin mailing books, but the first books to be mailed have to be to the blog recipients. I’ll start those soon. I’m up against a deadline which is not the best time to have a massive mailout, but I truly wanted to get the books to people before the end of the year.

I started watching an Australian show the other night called My Life is Murder. It stars Lucy Lawless. Remember her from Xena, Warrior Princess?

Her eyes were always gorgeous. I may be prejudiced in favor of older women, but I think she looks even better now than she did back then.

I’ve tried something different in response to my migraines. I realized that they always happened at my desk, after I’ve been staring at the bright white screen for sometime. So I changed my layout to the dark mode, plus I’m trying to look away more often. It seems to be working.


You probably know about African Swine Fever decimating the pig populations in China. Because buying pork is now out of the price range of most Chinese, they’re relying on other forms of meat, what they call “sweet meat” or “fragrant meat”. If you’re ever in China and offered a meal with either of these two alternatives, I’d recommend that you turn them down. They’re eating dog.

The Chinese have historically dined on man’s best friend. Frankly, the idea makes me want to ensure that none of what I buy is from China, but that’s almost impossible, unfortunately. If nothing else, however, I can publicize their horrific practices and give my money to rescue organizations who work against the dog meat trade.


So many of our products are manufactured in China. I think we’ve forgotten that they’re a communist country and that their values are NOT ours. In addition to a social score, which they’re implementing soon, there are well founded stories about dissidents in prison being forced to donate organs. This is a communist country. Communism is not your friend.