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It was 33 degrees this morning when I let Stanley out. 33! I don’t know if that broke a record in San Antonio, but I suspect it did. We normally don’t get autumn until around December, but last year was unusual. So was this morning.

Speaking of Stanley, I lost the war last night. He was in his little bed and I patted my mattress and said those fateful words, “Oh, come on, silly.” Consequently, I had a bed warmer attached to me all night. That dog gets hot. I had to move him a few times, but he was always right back against me. I know, by doing that, that I’ve acquired a permanent companion. At least during the colder months. However, he did get tired of the togetherness around four, jumped down and went back to his bed.

My son is thrilled about the colder weather because he can wear his new Green Bay Packers coat. It’s almost like his previous Packers coat, but the Packer G on the back is huge. Since he works with Dallas Cowboy people I’ve suggested that toning down the bragging when the Packers beat the Cowboys might be wise. They’re having a good year so far. The Packers, not the Cowboys. (Although I admit I don’t know how they’re doing.)

We won’t be giving out candy again this year. First of all, I can’t be trusted with a bowlful of candy. Secondly, Stanley would go nuts. So, I will turn off the porch light and we’ll adjourn to the back of the house. Be safe, whatever you do. And have fun doing it.