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If I’ve ever given you the impression that I’m a happy go lucky, laid back type of gal, let me apologize for that right now.

When I lose my mind, I LOSE MY MIND.

I have been trying to get on the internet from my office computer for two days. TWO FLIPPING DAYS. You haven’t lived until you’ve been talking to Apple Support for two hours – especially when you’re getting the impression that you know more than the person with whom you’re speaking. I was escalated to a supervisor who had to be one of the MOST pleasant people I’ve ever met. She was patient, personable, and lovely.

HOWEVER, back to me losing my mind. I began to suspect what the problem was, after we did everything but pick up this $4000 computer and shake it. Yep, you read that right. This is the fastest, most wonderful pieces of technology I’ve ever had, but suddenly it was an escapee from Hell. What happened?

The first clue was when I came into the office yesterday there was a picture of Catalina island on my monitor – one that I couldn’t X out of or otherwise leave. I had to shut down and boot up again and that’s when all hell broke loose. I had internet connection, I just couldn’t access anything. Apple had pushed a new upgrade and it had locked everything down.

Can I tell you how many programs I had to delete and reinstall? Bottom line, I’ve lost my temper today more times than I can tell you. Plus, I lost a day of work and that just annoys me. It turned out to be a problem on the Intego software. Intego is a virus protection program for Mac. They put a small little blurb on their support page that it was a known issue. I wanted to leap through the monitor and strangle them. This is AFTER I had to reinstall the Mac operating system.

Y’all, this is a first world problem. My son came over today and talked me off the ledge, plus helped me get a sense of priority. However, when anything affects my work it’s a big hairy deal. A super big hairy deal. I get as rabid as a vampire bat during a blue moon. I’m not rational, y’all.

I just thought I’d confess that little bit of honesty to you.