More Book Stuff

Yesterday, after I finished work, I unpacked one cabinet on the other side of my partner’s desk. I hadn’t realized that books were packed, sardine like, in there. Holy heck, now I have 100 more books. No kidding. I’m overwhelmed with books and we haven’t even talked about the three boxes I haven’t unpacked. I also found some copies of books I didn’t know I had. Good grief.

So, everyone who entered the drawing is going to get two books, since it’s the same price to send one as it is two – with the exception of overseas. Those people will only get one. (I’m sorry.) The second book you’ll get will be random – I hope that’s okay.

The above picture is what half the stack looks like.

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  1. I’ve been cleaning out stuff, too—but my stuff is mostly garbage so I had to order a rolloff and it’s almost full.

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