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OBB – Older But Better

You would think, after so many years, that my problems with my hair would resolve themselves. However, every stage of my life has been accompanied by throwing my hands up in the air and pleading for help.

You all remember the haircut from hell. This is not that kind of complaint.

No, this is more basic.

My hair doesn’t seem to be able to hold a curl for very long. Plus, it’s gotten thinner and wispier as the years continue onward. I have invested in probably $500 worth of products over the years, designed to give my hair more body or bounce.

Bottom line, none of them are working.

I have used a curling iron for ages and ages, but the other day I decided that I was tired of it. Consequently, I went to Amazon and ordered some hot rollers. To make a very long story short I am now on my fourth type of hot roller, having returned the other three because they are worse than doing nothing.

When I wake up in the morning I have a tragic case of bed head. I say tragic because when I look at myself I know that it’s probably not going to get much better. My hair has decided to frizz on the side where I sleep. The other side is limp and unresponsive.

Honestly, I never thought that I would have these kinds of problems with my hair as I grew older. I thought by the time that I reached this age I would know how to do everything. There wouldn’t be any doubt in my mind about a myriad of subjects.

Let me tell you, the older I get the more ignorant I become.

This morning I just used the curling iron again, without any product. About an hour later I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed in resignation.

If you are one of those blessed individuals who have great hair, let me tell you that I envy you to infinity and beyond. As for the rest of us – and I hope there are some people in my boat – we will just have to keep plugging along. Either that, or wear paper bags.