When Modesty Flies Out the Window

My son just called me because he returned from his early morning doctor appointment. He wanted to let me know the results of his blood tests. I am over the moon! I’m so happy – he’s able to stop taking the Metformin because his A1C was so low. Plus, it’s borderline on the BP medication because that was phenomenal, too.

It’s one thing to go through health issues yourself, but you want your children to be super healthy. I’m so proud of him. He’s embraced eating more fruits and veggies (which is a big deal, because he’s always hated veggies) and is doing wonderfully well on his new eating plan. In addition, he’s now at his ideal weight. What’s not to love?

So, to continue with the good news:

HarperCollins/Avon did a big promotion for To Wed An Heiress this weekend which resulted in some lovely news:

Isn’t that grand? The upswing of sales meant that my individual author numbers went up, too:

After my son and I exchanged our good news this morning – part of our “Something wonderful will happen to you today,” I added one more thing: I finished the first draft of the new book today, 15 days early. Yay!!!!! (I’d throw confetti, but then I’d have to clean it up.)

7 thoughts on “When Modesty Flies Out the Window”

  1. Comment🎉WooHoo!!!🎊
    Big congrats to you & your son John!!
    Wonderful news indeed!!
    I am a huge fruit eater, I love my fruits.
    Veggies do find their way onto my plate, but I need to eat more of them.

  2. Awesome news for both of you! I know how pleased John must feel to be able to stop the Metformin. My doc took me off of it too since my A1C has stayed so low for so long. Yay! It can be turned around.

    I had no idea they were doing a special push on To Wed An Heiress but I guess my timing was good because I just posted my review on October 4th at the blog. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Can’t wait to read To Bed The Bride – yes, I will be reading an ARC since they offered it to me. *clapping hands*
    Congrats!! xo

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