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It is gloriously chilly today. It was raining this morning, but Stanley the Brave decided to go out anyway and do his thing. Good boy! It’s only 51 degrees right now and that’s a huge change for S. Texas.

I’m wearing one of my Halloween sweaters and it’s too big. Isn’t that wonderful? I stepped on the scale this morning and I’m down another two pounds. Yay me! (Modesty doesn’t show it’s pretty little head when it’s weight loss we’re talking about.)

Stanley has categorically refused to eat his Dr. Harvey’s, so we’ve been having battles for the past week. Last night I went to Dog Food Advisor and looked up the best canned dog foods and ordered two different types. I just want him to eat something. Yesterday, he finally ate some chicken along with Dr. Tim’s Weight Control kibble. Have I mentioned how much money I’ve spent on dog food in the past year? Stanley will go four weeks on something, then decide that’s it, no more. Rolling my eyes here.

I think I’ve created a monster with the electronic thermometer. He loves following the laser dot and will race through the house like a dervish trying to catch it. He wants to play all the time and goes to sit where I keep the thermometer and whines. In fact, he’d rather play than eat. However, it’s excellent exercise, so I keep playing.

I thought I would finish the book today, but I have one pivotal scene to write. I’ll either do it today or Sunday since my son will be here tomorrow. Bummer. However, I’m only human – a fact I have to remember from time to time. 🙂

Oh, and Stanley is definitely a Dog TV addict. Every night I turn on the TV and he watches and barks. Rolling my eyes, part two.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, that the weather is wonderful, and that all your pets eat their food. 🙂