Friday Snippets

I’ve signed a new contract with HarperCollins/Avon, which means I’ll be employed for another two years. That’s always nice. The first book has a due date from hell, but after that they’re spaced pretty far apart.

I got my stitches out yesterday and there is a scar – another surprise. It’s not all that noticeable since I wear glasses. I was told to get Scar Away, a silicone scar sheet. I’d never heard of them before. You put it on the scar for a number of hours and follow it up with an application of Vitamin E. Do that for six weeks and it evidently does a good job of minimizing the scar. Who knew?

Oh, and I didn’t get lost! Ten minutes there and ten minutes back. Yay!

Yesterday Stanley refused to eat again in the morning. This morning I’ve done something odd. I woke up at 5:00 and decided not to feed him right away. He always takes a nap first thing in the morning. I decided to wait until mid-morning and see if he will be hungrier then. Right now he’s asleep on my feet, so it’s working as planned.

Stanley is such a flirt. Here’s a picture of him with the nice young man who works at the day care.

Here he’s checking out what looks like a smaller version of himself:

I signed up for DogTV. Nope, never thought I’d ever do something like that. Stanley watches TV, however, and so far he adores DogTV. I put it on for him around 6:00 PM so he can watch, bark, watch, bark, etc.

Did you know how super ginger is? I take a teaspoon of powdered ginger every day in a cup of hot water. I call it ginger tea, but it’s just mixing the spice with water. Ginger has been proven to lower blood sugar and improve A1C levels. Plus, studies of ginger have shown a decrease in inflammatory markers, improvement in liver function tests, and a drop in liver fat. All that from a spice I used to ignore.

Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend!

11 thoughts on “Friday Snippets”

  1. Congrats on another 2 years!!! Glad everything with the stitches went well .There is also tv for cats and cats also have relaxation music, which is comfortable for humans to hear too. (check it out on youtube) Glad Stanley is doing well and on this end . I am celebrating my birthday October 5th 1968 . I was originally born on a Saturday .

    • Saturday’s child works hard for a living, according to the old poem.

      Happy Birthday, Jeff!!!!

      I hope it was a wonderful celebration. You deserve it.

  2. The pediatrician had me put vitamin E on the kids’ facial scars. Just squeeze straight from the capsules.

  3. When I was growing up, my father would give us that ginger tea concoction when we were sick. He never added sugar to help the medicine go down like Mary Poppins would have done, so we were not happy, sick kids. Lol

  4. Keep us posted on Stanley’s new eating schedule. I have just surrendered to the fact that Sonny eats every now and then.

    I must continually remind myself – he is no Boxer. Boxers inhale food….at times what they inhale is not even dog food. Pizza anyone?

    • I am surrendering to the fact that Stanley only eats when HE wants to eat. To hell with a schedule or anything like that. He did eat at 9:30, though. Please bear in mind this is Dr. Harvey’s dry mix, reconstituted, with added oil and lots of chicken breast meat, (cooked in the Instant Pot the day before). Heaven forbids the dog eat canned dog food or kibble. (Rolling eyes here.)

      In payment – and appreciation – Stanley jumped up on my lap, got into position, and slept for an hour. I swear, it’s hard to stay awake when you have a cuddly, soft, snoring dog on you.

  5. Glad everything went well. And so happy you didn’t get lost this time! Can’t wait for your next book. You always right the best books. Your my favorite author.

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