Off to El Doctoro Again

Today is stitches day. The removal, thereof. Hopefully, the histology report is ready and it doesn’t show anything yucky again.

My darling son offered to go with me, even though I terrified him by my driving last time. Hey, I got lost – again – and did a wild u-turn. He turned white and gripped the seat. I think I heard him praying. Anyway, wasn’t he brave?

I am determined to find my way home without getting lost today. I swear, I’m about ready to tattoo a map to my house on my chest. Or pin a note to my lapel. Hi, I’m Karen and I’m lost.


EDITED TO ADD: Received the histology report – everything is cool. They got all the yucky cells. Hopefully, I won’t ever have to return again. (Crossing fingers and spitting into the wind.)

7 thoughts on “Off to El Doctoro Again”

    • For the first time I didn’t get lost! Of course, it took three visits, but who’s counting? 🙂

  1. Karen, I just read your update regarding the Histology Report. I am very glad to hear that all is as it should be with you. Stay well…

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