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Y’all, it’s happening again.

Some women are on the warpath. They believe that the nipple should be free. Oh, we could talk about the lawsuit in Colorado and all kinds of legal mumbo-jumbo, but the bottom line is that some women want to go topless. They want to jiggle their jugs, bobble their bosoms, titillate their…

In other words, they want to bare all. Allow their nipples to breathe the free air. (I have this image of boobs suffocating inside bras.)

Now, as far as I know, a woman’s breasts have one of two functions. One is to feed an infant. The second is to be a sexual attraction.

As I have quoted on numerous occasions, my grandmother had a saying. Something to the effect of attracting a man by not showing everything. The more covered up you are, in other words, the more of a mystery. I can’t help but think of what would happen if women went around bare chested. What would men do? For that matter, what would other women do?

I’m here to tell you that I am not ever going to be one of those women who bares all in public. It’s not going to happen. Even under threat of torture. And, frankly, I’m not in a hurry to see other women and their freed nipples.

What do you think?

My original post on freeing the nipple.

EDITED TO CORRECT MY TYPOS: And thanks to ELF for catching them 🙂