Stanley and I are peachy, although we’re both heading for a nap.

I expected a huge bandage and it wasn’t, so I drove home. My son only gripped the seat four times. The doctor did say I would probably have a black eye later. Meh.

Stanley wasn’t interested in playing with any of the dogs, but he did try to put the moves on Joni, the Pup Stop Manager.

12 thoughts on “Update”

    • Ivy, he is the goofiest, silliest, sweetest, most troubling/fascinating dog I’ve ever had. Just when I think I understand him he does something odd again. I wouldn’t trade him for any “normal” dog, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. OMG! You were expecting a bigger bandage than that one? That one’s pretty big. Well, I hope they got it all and they don’t have to do anything further. I’m glad they caught it fast. Speedy recovery, Karen.
    And Stanley seems to enjoy doggy daycare very much. So he’s a flirt, eh? Love it. I’m glad you’re both well and you…get better. xo

    • I got to take off the bandage this morning, Amy, and was shocked. The incision is about 1.5 inches, maybe a little longer. My face on that side is swollen, too. I’ve had to wear my “fly” glasses so the nosepiece doesn’t touch the stitches. I’ll get the histology report in another week. I’m hoping that’s all.


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