I’m Off to the Doctor

I’m off to the dermatologist today, to have them expand the margins of the mole I had removed. Frankly, that pathology report scared me – he can do anything he wants to prevent melanoma, thanks. I just hope he leaves me most of my nose.

The only bad thing is where the mole was. I don’t know if I mentioned it, but this sucker wasn’t there one day and then whoom! It was there. I know, because it was just below the area where my nosepiece for my glasses rests. I would have seen it every day. Because of where the mole was, and where the dermatologist is going to have to broaden the margins, it will interfere with me wearing glasses.

Y’all, I’m blind as a bat without glasses and I don’t say that lightly.

My only alternative are these goofy glasses I have that are so big – and heavy – that I have to wear a lanyard to keep them up. They will work for the day after and maybe later if I need them.

My son will be going with me and driving us back to day care to pick up Stanners Bananers – and then home. I hate to be in a car with anyone else driving ever since that bad car accident I was in. My son is a safe driver, but I still don’t like driving with anyone. I prefer to be behind the wheel. But, hey, if you can’t see anything…

I may even be brave enough to do a selfie, post surgery. Or not. 🙂

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  1. good luck! are you having mohs surgery? my dad is having that next week. if that is what you are having it’s a 99+% cure rate. pretty good odds i would say!


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