Bits and Bobs

Stanley has stopped eating again. Evidently, home cooked food isn’t acceptable this morning. Rolling my eyes. I gave him ten minutes, then covered his dish with foil and put it in the refrigerator. I will not offer it to him again until noon. If he turns up his nose again he’ll have to wait until tonight. No bones. No treats.

In addition to refusing to eat, he’s been barking for an hour straight. It’s a little hard to work under those conditions. I tell him to hush and he does for a minute or two, but it starts again.

I think it would be a good idea to wait on another dog right now. Good grief, I can’t even imagine having two of them with “issues”.


I’ve started a major project of organizing my closet. It’s a catchall for all my old electronic stuff, plus things I just can’t bear to donate or throw away. Consequently, there’s entirely too much stuff in there. I bought new shelves to put into the closet, but I haven’t even put those together yet. This may take several months to complete. 🙂 Do you have any lurking projects?


I’m on a mission to make myself like certain veggies. I’ve conquered kale since I figured out to steam it in the Instant Pot. It’s pretty good that way. Now I’m on a mission to get over my dislike of beets. I had beet juice this morning and it wasn’t bad. I’m roasting beets this afternoon. Both kale and beets are really good for you. Luckily I really like arugula and it seems to be the king of greens. Do you naturally like veggies? Are there any that you just won’t eat?


Off to work, since Stanley has decided to stop barking and only growl right now. (It’s probably another dog, a cat, or a squirrel.) Oh, oh, spoke too soon. Sigh.

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  1. I need to redo my bedroom. It needs to be reorganized and the walls and floor need to be redone. When it comes to vegetables I won’t eat I have a few I won’t eat. Beans like those used in ham and beans or chili. I like my chili made the right way, with no beans. I also hate beets and rutabagas. My dad used to put rutabagas and potatoes in our stew and try to say it only had potatoes in it. As soon as I bit into a rutabaga I knew. They were so bitter. Yuck. Over the years I’ve started eating many veggies I hated as a kid. I discovered I hated them because my mom was a terrible cook and didn’t cook them right. My youngest brother still won’t eat meatloaf because of childhood memories. I used to work in a prison and the other officers couldn’t understand why I could eat the food offered there. I told them, if they had to eat my mom’s cooking as a kid, they would consider the stuff served in the prison kitchen gourmet food. Lol.

  2. I eat pickled beets all the time, I serve them on the side. When I was young and living in Australia they put pickled beets on hamburgers, I still do that. I bought kale when I read it’s good for you. I didn’t care for it.

    • Rita, I have an odd Australian question for you, and I haven’t been able to find an answer on a search engine. I was watching Offspring again the other day and another Australian show (whose name escapes me). They both feature houses in which the front door opens up into a long hall, passes bedrooms, then finally leads to a main living area. The layout of the houses – being so similar – intrigued me and I wondered if it was a layout style endemic to Australia. Our houses in the US normally open up to a living area with a hallway(s) leading to bedrooms.

      • Hi Karen, I just saw your question. The houses I lived in in Australia and other houses I visited had the living area as you enter the house. The last house my parents built had a large foyer as you enter with a living room to the right and a family room to the left.

        • That sounds like what I’m used to. The other floorplan had me buffaloed. I wondered if it was an “Australian” thing. Nope. Sounds like it was just a set decorator’s thing. Thank you, Rita!

  3. I love beet salad. Bake. Slice. Add whatever veggies you want. Celery etc. olive oil. Vinegar. Salt pepper. Yum

    Have you tried Cbd oil for your pup. Has helped my westie with her anxiety

    • I haven’t tried CBD oil, Joan. I have tried every other product on the market, however. When he first came to me he was a mess. 🙂

    • I put frozen okra into the air fryer the other day and it came out crispy. It wasn’t too bad. At least it wasn’t slimy.

  4. I have lots of projects I NEED to do. Right now I just do what I must do.

    I do not eat beets, or radishes, or rutabaga. All things that were put on my plate when I was a kid.

    I like everything else. And recently I have been trying different ways to do different foods. I am part of a buying group – Imperfect Produce. Every 2 weeks I get a box of stuff. It keeps things from being tossed for various reasons. I have made leek soup – a new thing to me. I have eaten more squash than I normally would. And also lots of other stuff. I appreciate that they are widening my horizons.

  5. I have many, many lurking projects – organizing photos, hanging some pictures, organizing recipes – but my major project is clearing things out – yesterday I took a load out to the VNA (Visiting Nurses) semi-annual sale. They sell so many things for such a great organization.

    I don’t really like beets, but my experience with them is from my childhood – my parents like those jars of pickled beets. My nephew & his wife grow a garden & love beets – I think they roast them – their little kids apparently love them – I may try them some time.

    • My comments are acting up this morning. Or maybe it’s just me. Anyway, good luck on the garage cleaning project. 🙂

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