Hello. I’m Insane. Help me.

Yes, I did delete a blog post from this morning. I tend to second guess myself sometimes. Plus, when I’ve been an ass I like to recognize it right away. I think it’s my 12 Step Program kicking in. But that was then and this is now.

Specifically, this is a picture of Vanilla, a dog from God’s Dogs Rescue that I’m thinking of adopting.

Yes, you heard that right.


I’m having surgery next week. I have a book that MUST be finished October 15th and I’m thinking of bringing a very shy, very introverted terrier mix into my home.

Yes, I’m insane. I can’t believe I’m actually thinking about this.

I’ve asked the rescue for opinions and advice – would she be a good fit for Stanley? He was quite the problem child at the rescue. Hopefully, they still remember him.

I don’t know anything about having two dogs, other than it’s twice the expense. However, I’m thinking that as much as Stanley whines when he sees another dog that it might be good for him.

What do you think? Do you have two dogs? Would you recommend it?

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  1. I have 3 large dogs, one male and 2 female. They get along great, even though they all came to the home a year or so apart.

  2. This dog you posted looks like my Emma. She was a white terrier mix. She was on death row and had Cushings disease. She cost me a fortune but she had two good years with us and she loved our other pup Carrie

    • Good for you, Joan. You know, I think that’s one of my hesitations about getting another dog. I spent a fortune trying to save Flash. That’s why Stanley has really good doggy health insurance.

  3. I have 10 cats, as I shelter elderly rescues. I also have screen doors in house that I use when a new cat comes to me. Stanley will be a lot less work and happier if he has a companion. We always tell people, at the shelter, adopt 2 kittens, not one. They will entertain one another. You will see such a change him and they both will be so happy.

    • Good for you, Audrey! I think I’m going to wait until Stanley calms down a little more. If I could get his eating situation figured out I’d be happier.

  4. Although I have never had two dogs at once I do have multiple cats and I’m guessing they’re more difficult lol. Someone just told me that they have multiple cats and each one is in a separate room!! I think it’s much better (although nerve racking for a while) to let them figure it all out and they do. After the hissing and growling it turns to ignoring and sometimes even liking lol. I do think dogs like other dogs most of the time since they are pack animals. They could keep each other occupied in the end which would be great for you. I like the idea of fostering first but most places would take them back if there is a real problem. Best of luck.

  5. I have two dogs. My dog Harley does not like other dogs, except…I adopted an introverted quiet little female dog just his size. (I didn’t even know she could bark until I had her for a couple of months. I brought Frannie home and Harley came out barking and growling when I opened the door to bring her in. She just stood there looking at him. Then he sniffed her. Stood looking at her and then started wagging his tail. I fed them separately for a few days. Now they really enjoy being together. (Yes they are rescues and both have been neutered. At the time of Frannie’s adoption she was 4 and Harley was 2 and a half.) Harley still doesn’t like other dogs. but he loves Frannie.

    • What a lovely story, Anna. The little dog I wanted to adopt had already been taken, but there was another one named Lucy who touched my heart. She sounds like Frannie. I’m going to wait a few months or until I can get Stanley’s eating situation solved, then check to see if Lucy is still available.

  6. You are not insane, you just have a big heart. My husband & I have had one dog for 15 years, & before that we had two. Not much difference in the taking care of them & the loving of them.

    Is it possible to foster Vanilla for a bit? That way you can see how your babies get along, & how she bits into your household & routine.

    It is a baby step into a whole new world until you know that things are working out.

    Good Luck!

    • Vanilla was taken, unfortunately, but there is another “special needs” dog that needs a home. She has the same issues Stanley does, however. I’m not sure if I’m hardy enough to tolerate the refusal to eat or go outside in two dogs. But maybe if I can get Stanley settled he could help her – or vice versa. 🙂

  7. I have lived with multi-dog families and I am all in favor. I have lived with 3 Boxers – lots of fun. And several times several dog at the same time…they generally like the company.

    Dogs are pack animals by nature. If you find that Stanley enjoys her company, I say jump on it like a duck on a June bug. He will thank you, (after he gets over his jealousy) and she will be thrilled.

    I believe that even though it is more money, the enjoyment you will find in your life will make up for that.

    If I were in a different situation in my life, I would get a friend for Sonny.

  8. You aren’t crazy. We are down to 8 dogs, 3 cats and a rabbit. That’s crazy. If the 2 dogs get along then it’s perfect. I believe all pets need a partner. Just one little bit of info. Terriers are pretty hyper. But you said she’s only part terrier so maybe not so bad. They are very loving though. Good luck.

  9. I don’t think you’re crazy. They keep each other company. She looks like she may have quite a bit of Westie in her. Notice the black spots & that’s a good thing. A Westie breeder told me to look for those to avoid the skin conditions Westie’s sometimes have. Hope she & Stanley get along famously. Fingers crossed it’s all good for y’all.

    It’s been a bit over a year since Tommy passed and Lil Man moved out in April. The pug rescue contacted me over the weekend about 2 males that recently came in.
    Kevin will be meeting with Tallulah this Sat. She’s moody, to say the least. We’ll see how it goes.

  10. Good afternoon! I don’t think you are teetering on the edge of sanity at all! I had 3 large dogs at one time years ago – 2 boxers (litter mates) and 8 year old lab. Yes, to be sure there is added expense, but in my experience the benefits outweigh the $$.

    All of my “fixed” girls got on tremendously well, which was wonderful. There was a pecking order to be sure, but as long as everybody remembered that I was the pack leader, the household ran smoothly. They were always checking to see where each other was located in the house and whined, searched, and was generally sad if one was spending the day at the vet for some reason. My house was busy, but that kept me going during a trying time for me. The joy and companionship they brought me was worth every penny of the newest wing at my vet’s office! I did have my own parking space, though! Lol.

    • That’s what I’m afraid of, Nancy. I felt like I bought the surgeons a new wing after Flash. Of course, at the time I would have spent any amount of money to save him.

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