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Yes, I did delete a blog post from this morning. I tend to second guess myself sometimes. Plus, when I’ve been an ass I like to recognize it right away. I think it’s my 12 Step Program kicking in. But that was then and this is now.

Specifically, this is a picture of Vanilla, a dog from God’s Dogs Rescue that I’m thinking of adopting.

Yes, you heard that right.


I’m having surgery next week. I have a book that MUST be finished October 15th and I’m thinking of bringing a very shy, very introverted terrier mix into my home.

Yes, I’m insane. I can’t believe I’m actually thinking about this.

I’ve asked the rescue for opinions and advice – would she be a good fit for Stanley? He was quite the problem child at the rescue. Hopefully, they still remember him.

I don’t know anything about having two dogs, other than it’s twice the expense. However, I’m thinking that as much as Stanley whines when he sees another dog that it might be good for him.

What do you think? Do you have two dogs? Would you recommend it?