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Y’all, as I have repeatedly told you, I’m a dewy blossom in the Garden of Life. However, I will admit to achieving a certain milestone in age. Plus, I’ve outlived my immediate family – all of them – as far as age goes. That does something to your attitude about aging. (I will admit to being pleased, however, when the dermatologist said I was looking really good for my age. 🙂 )

Anyway, the other day I was thinking about the things I’ve learned and I’ve come up with this list:

  • You start thinking of your body in parts. For example, my right shoulder gives me problems, as well as my left knee.
  • You want to know what someone died of when you hear of a famous person’s death.
  • People you don’t know, who have to know your age, make comments about their grandparents. (That one really slays me.)
  • People automatically assume that you have grandchildren. (I’ve started trying to pass Stanley off as my grandchild in conversations.)
  • You can see people’s confusion when they assure you that something will last…well past your expiration date. “Oh, yes, that roof should be good for…forty more years.”
  • You become obsessed with your body numbers: weight, BG, BP, A1C, cholesterol, etc. And bodily functions.
  • You seriously finish senior proofing your house – for that day way off in the future.
  • You begin to consider letting your hair go natural.
  • You decide to tell people your real age in five years or so.
  • Things that bothered you twenty years ago don’t even register on your radar and you’re a lot calmer than you used to be.

How about you? Care to add to my list?