Things I’ve Learned About Getting Older

Y’all, as I have repeatedly told you, I’m a dewy blossom in the Garden of Life. However, I will admit to achieving a certain milestone in age. Plus, I’ve outlived my immediate family – all of them – as far as age goes. That does something to your attitude about aging. (I will admit to being pleased, however, when the dermatologist said I was looking really good for my age. 🙂 )

Anyway, the other day I was thinking about the things I’ve learned and I’ve come up with this list:

  • You start thinking of your body in parts. For example, my right shoulder gives me problems, as well as my left knee.
  • You want to know what someone died of when you hear of a famous person’s death.
  • People you don’t know, who have to know your age, make comments about their grandparents. (That one really slays me.)
  • People automatically assume that you have grandchildren. (I’ve started trying to pass Stanley off as my grandchild in conversations.)
  • You can see people’s confusion when they assure you that something will last…well past your expiration date. “Oh, yes, that roof should be good for…forty more years.”
  • You become obsessed with your body numbers: weight, BG, BP, A1C, cholesterol, etc. And bodily functions.
  • You seriously finish senior proofing your house – for that day way off in the future.
  • You begin to consider letting your hair go natural.
  • You decide to tell people your real age in five years or so.
  • Things that bothered you twenty years ago don’t even register on your radar and you’re a lot calmer than you used to be.

How about you? Care to add to my list?

16 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned About Getting Older”

    • I needed a new tub, so I decided to get a walk in tub. While they were replacing fixtures I had them do grab bars. I figured it couldn’t hurt. That was thirteen years ago and I’m glad I did it.

  1. I have a lot more patience than I did in my younger days. My husband gets really annoyed when we are stuck in traffic or standing in a line at the store. I tell him we are in no rush don’t worry about it.

  2. First God created the Grand Canyon. Second God created the Great Sequoia trees. Then he created me. So, I have surpassed nearly everyone I know in years here.

    Another sign that you are older than dirt….you pass a mirror and wonder who the heck that old person is and how did they get in my bathroom?

  3. Your list is very thorough. I’ve been passing my daughters’ pets as my grandchildren. Lol. It gets old when people ask how many grandkids I have and I say none. I’ve gotten so much sympathy from friends and family due to this, which I don’t need. I tell them the benefits of no grandchildren (no babysitting, save money on gifts, no worrying if they’re sick). Neither of my kids want kids and I’m fine with their decision because it’s their decision. I’ve stopped trying to convince others of this because, like you mentioned, certain things no longer bother me like the used to in the past.

    • My husband and I purchased a new Sleep Number bed. Guess how long the warranty is?? My husband comically said, since I won’t be around in 25 years, is the warranty transferable to my kids? Granted the warranty is on a staggered schedule, but 25 years!? My genes are pretty good – my dad is 91 – I may make it!

    • Oh, and no second guessing on how they’re going to turn out. I won’t be a grandmother because of medical reasons and it’s just part of my life. Frankly, I wasn’t sure how I felt about someone calling me Grandma anyway. 🙂


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