Another Chapter of My Coffee Saga

My Keurig broke a month ago. All of a sudden it started spewing hot water and coffee grounds at me. As a way of saying farewell it was a bit much.

I honestly tried to fix the blasted thing. It did not work. So, I did what any normal red-blooded, annoyed, and relatively fed-up human would do.

I threw it away.

I made a production of it, too. I put it in a black plastic bag and threw it into the garage, then lifted the bag and let it fall a half dozen times. Then I sent it flying into the garbage container, hearing it land with a satisfying thud.

Now, I had a choice. What do I buy now? Another Keurig? Nope, they burned me with the super expensive K-cups. Do I buy another coffee pot? Single serve or full pot? Do I get ground coffee or whole beans?

I have done all of the above at different times throughout my coffee saga. I did something totally different this time.

I bought two containers of instant – one with caffeine and one without – hauled out the electric tea kettle and never looked back.

How about you? Do you ever just get fed up with appliances?

7 thoughts on “Another Chapter of My Coffee Saga”

  1. I went through two Kurigs in two years. Mind you, I’m the only one in my house that drinks coffee so it wasn’t used very hard. After the second one literally stopped working, I went out and bought a small coffee maker. It was useful for awhile but it was a bit too small, so I bought a larger one with a timer and everything and that broke, too! When that happened it was around the same time I got a job outside of my home and I spend less than a dollar per a cup of coffee there and that makes me happy!

  2. My husband bought me an espresso machine years ago. I love espresso. This didn’t taste anything like what I buy out and what a pain in the *ss. It sits there taking up space because I know he paid a lot – stupid of me. I grind my own beans and use one of those electric drip machines. At my daughter’s I drink their Keurg coffee. My son-in-law just bought a French press. I got to drink a cup and I do feel it’s superior to the others but a bit more work. I can’t see me going to that fuss at 6 in the morning. I don’t think I could ever go back to instant coffee.

  3. I have a regular drip coffee pot. Bought it on sale at Walmart. I like it and when it stops working I’ll just pick up another one on sale.

  4. My husband is a coffee snob and insisted on only using a french press until I told him that my coffee requirements were too high for the work involved in making multiple rounds and I wanted a coffee maker. He bought this contraption that must bring the water to a certain temperature and then pre-soak the grinds before it decides to commence brewing – a 20 minute process in all. I am not in this for top-notch coffee from a mean coffee-maker that taunts me with it’s snobbery. I just want the caffeine and I want it now!

  5. I gave up on my iced tea maker and I make it the old-fashioned way. It’s just as easy.

    Gave the iced tea maker away.

  6. Yes, there have been times when appliances – and other inanimate objects have out smarted and out maneuvered me. I am not quite as dramatic as you. I once took my smart phone and threw it on the floor. The screen came off, and things fell out, but did not break. Surprisingly, when I put everything back together, it worked really well.

    Mr Wonderful used to tell me you have to be smarter than the equipment you work with. I am sure he was right because he was “always” right.

    As a side note, is there are reason my comments, as well as others, do not appear under the Living with Pets post?

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