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My Keurig broke a month ago. All of a sudden it started spewing hot water and coffee grounds at me. As a way of saying farewell it was a bit much.

I honestly tried to fix the blasted thing. It did not work. So, I did what any normal red-blooded, annoyed, and relatively fed-up human would do.

I threw it away.

I made a production of it, too. I put it in a black plastic bag and threw it into the garage, then lifted the bag and let it fall a half dozen times. Then I sent it flying into the garbage container, hearing it land with a satisfying thud.

Now, I had a choice. What do I buy now? Another Keurig? Nope, they burned me with the super expensive K-cups. Do I buy another coffee pot? Single serve or full pot? Do I get ground coffee or whole beans?

I have done all of the above at different times throughout my coffee saga. I did something totally different this time.

I bought two containers of instant – one with caffeine and one without – hauled out the electric tea kettle and never looked back.

How about you? Do you ever just get fed up with appliances?