Lord Love a Duck or a Cow

I read this article this morning and was just amazed. I had NO idea that they’d started manipulating the DNA of animals, especially food animals. (The article is behind a paywall, but you have three free articles per month.)

Evidently, in trying to ensure that cows didn’t grow horns they also passed along something interesting – a resistance to antibiotics. At the DNA level. Just think what would happen to all of us if that was passed along in the food we ate.

Thankfully, these cows have not been approved for the food supply, but doesn’t it make you wonder? They discovered this abnormality by accident. Gee, what else is in that hamburger?

5 thoughts on “Lord Love a Duck or a Cow”

  1. This is why I’m trying to grow more of my own food. I think a lot of the health problems in our country is due to all the things they inject into and feed to the animals they sell to us for meat. It’s scary!

  2. It’s all horrible. I know I’ve seen pictures of bulls that are so muscled it’s grotesque and who knows how they got those turkey breasts so large – and that’s just two examples that I’ve seen. Oh, and fish…

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