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Do you think we live with pets in order to have something to love?

Maybe that’s the wrong question to ask.

Do you think we live with dogs when our children are no longer at home so that we have someone to care for, to worry about, to fuss at? In other words, does motherhood/parenthood simply take a different dimension?

I know the relationship I had with Flash – and currently with Stanley – would be different if I had a family environment, other than just the two of us. In other words, if I’d had little ones at home still or a husband, or teenagers, the entire dynamic would have changed.

One of the questions that people get asked when they get older is: do you have a pet? The reason for asking is that scientists have found that older people have a better quality of life when they have a pet. It’s more than just a lower blood pressure. It’s a sense of connection.

I think something wonderful happens between people and animals, be they dogs, cats, guinea pigs or hedgehogs. We reach out to another creature and are willing to take on the responsibility of this being not for any tangible gain, but out of love.  Doesn’t that say something wonderful about people?