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This week the inspection was done by the engineers. Yes, my foundation does need fixing. It will be expensive as hell and will take nearly a week. Jackhammers and an hysterical dog every day. Maybe I can talk my doctor into medical marijuana. I think it’s still illegal in Texas, though. (Do you know, I’ve never had marijuana? Or any other drug, for that matter.) However, at the end of the foundation mess maybe I will be able to open the back door and the bedroom door will not open soundlessly like it did for the first time last night, thereby scaring Stanley and me nearly to death. He thought there was a burglar. I thought there was a ghost.

I received a phone call from the dermatologist’s nurse. My spot wasn’t basal cell carcinoma after all. It was a mole, but a mole with troubling cells on the margins. So, I will be trotting back to his office on 9/26 where he will do more surgery to expand the area removed. Lots of stitches, I was told. The nurse also told me, “It isn’t cancer, but we don’t want it to become cancer.” It reminded me, oddly enough, of when I went in for a routine pap smear only to have a biopsy and be diagnosed with cervical cancer. My imagination being what it is, and the spot being where it is, I have envisioned myself with a prosthetic nose. Cyrano de Ranney. One bright spot – and there is more than one * – is that I’ve already been to the office. When I get lost this time my surroundings will be familiar.

  • Another bright spot – I almost cancelled this appointment. When she was talking about it “not being cancer” she was talking melanoma. Can you imagine what might have happened if I’d ignored this tiny spot? Gentle hint: Don’t do that!

Stanley has been unbelievably difficult this week, food wise. I’ve nearly lost my patience with him. Then I asked myself what I want for him to do. Frankly, to be eager to eat every day. I did more research and came up with two answers for picky eaters: tripe – which dogs seem to love – to be added to his kibble, or making his food myself. I’ve heard that it’s kind of dangerous to do the latter because dogs need certain minerals and vitamins. However, I discovered that there’s a commercially available base mix of veggies, vitamins, and minerals. I bought that, followed the instructions, and added boiled chicken. Stanley almost ate the chrome off his dinner bowl. They recommend that you change the protein every week and I will. Maybe that way he won’t get bored. It’s a little extra work, but it beats carrying his bowl around and begging him to eat.

I’m still on a deadline, and finicky dogs, shifting houses, or weird noses don’t change that. I hope y’all have had a wonderful week and since tomorrow is Friday I hope you have a great weekend, too!