Re-watching The Crown

I haven’t been subscribed to Netflix in ages, but I decided to watch it again this weekend. I’m a sucker for the British Baking Show even though I can’t eat anything they make. Plus, I saw The Crown listed and had to start watching it once more.

I love John Lithgow’s portrayal of Winston Churchill. I started doing a lot of reading of Churchill biographies after watching the first time which is how I discovered Boris Johnson. I loved Claire Foy, but of course she’s being replaced by another actress for Season 3 which airs in November, 2019. (More info here.)

I don’t know how much money they spent filming the series, but I’m absolutely blown away by how beautiful – and realistic everything appears. Did you know, for example, that during George VI’s operation scene they used real doctors? They had a lifelike body, of course, but they wanted everything from the surgical aspect to be realistic.

I find it absolutely amazing that both the Queen Mother, the Queen, and Prince Phillip have lived as long as they have (did). I know there’s a lot to be said for being feted and pampered, but their genetics are damn good.

The only bad thing about the series is that I always mildly disliked Prince Phillip in real life, but could never put my finger on why. Now I know I don’t particularly care for him, but I have a better idea why I feel that way.

How about you? Do you ever re-watch TV? What are your thoughts on The Crown?

4 thoughts on “Re-watching The Crown”

  1. I wish I had netflix so I could watch this.

    I sometimes borrow series from the library’s DVD collection to re-watch.

  2. I watched The Crown, and last month started re-watching in prep for the next season.
    A couple of my aunts had a thing for Philip (they were just a bit older than him) – I never thought much of him. He did have a difficult family & early life. Most men, except very confident or mellow ones, would probably find it difficult to take that background spot, especially with the oversight & interference by the Queen’s staff & the politicians. Did you see Victoria on PBS Masterpiece? Albert had that kind of issue to deal with, but at least doesn’t look like he might have had affairs like Philip supposedly did.

  3. I have not seen the Crown and yes, there are certain things which I like so much, I can watch again.

    Prince Phillip, funny you should say that. I know her parents did not want the marriage but she insisted and they loved her. I think he is an opportunist.

    I believe that Queen Elizabeth was raised to be absolutely devoted to her job. And I think that he sort of jumped on the gravy train….but hey….what do I know.

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