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I haven’t been subscribed to Netflix in ages, but I decided to watch it again this weekend. I’m a sucker for the British Baking Show even though I can’t eat anything they make. Plus, I saw The Crown listed and had to start watching it once more.

I love John Lithgow’s portrayal of Winston Churchill. I started doing a lot of reading of Churchill biographies after watching the first time which is how I discovered Boris Johnson. I loved Claire Foy, but of course she’s being replaced by another actress for Season 3 which airs in November, 2019. (More info here.)

I don’t know how much money they spent filming the series, but I’m absolutely blown away by how beautiful – and realistic everything appears. Did you know, for example, that during George VI’s operation scene they used real doctors? They had a lifelike body, of course, but they wanted everything from the surgical aspect to be realistic.

I find it absolutely amazing that both the Queen Mother, the Queen, and Prince Phillip have lived as long as they have (did). I know there’s a lot to be said for being feted and pampered, but their genetics are damn good.

The only bad thing about the series is that I always mildly disliked Prince Phillip in real life, but could never put my finger on why. Now I know I don’t particularly care for him, but I have a better idea why I feel that way.

How about you? Do you ever re-watch TV? What are your thoughts on The Crown?