Aarrfff, Aarrfff…

The dog days of summer are upon us. People in the northern climes are hearing rumors of chill winds and hints of a snowy winter. Here in South Texas it’s just one more day in the long slog to our wautumn.

What is wautumn, you ask? It’s a combination winter/autumn and it hits around December 15th. That’s just about the same time you can turn off the A/C. Last year, however, we had a bout of cold in October.

I am not complaining. I deal better with the heat than I do the cold. I can never seem to get warm once I get cold and I look rather ridiculous in the wautumn because I’m wearing leg warmers, socks, heavy cotton pants, a top, a sweater, and fingerless gloves. If I could find a nose warmer to breathe through, I’d try that.

How about you? Any hints of cooler weather yet in your neck of the woods?

4 thoughts on “Aarrfff, Aarrfff…”

  1. I’m up here in Minnesota and we just got over a real cool spell—highs in the 60’s. Now the low seventies seem wonderful–it looks like fall has arrived early and I suppose winter won’t be far behind.

  2. Since I live just up the road from you….we all know how cool it has been here. I am rethinking my plan to never move out of Texas.

    You know, God gave Satan two choices….he could have either H3ll or Texas and we all know what he chose.

  3. we had a cool spell: high 70s, low 80s, but I doubt summer is over. By the end of September things ought to cool down and then the leaves will start changing.

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