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The dog days of summer are upon us. People in the northern climes are hearing rumors of chill winds and hints of a snowy winter. Here in South Texas it’s just one more day in the long slog to our wautumn.

What is wautumn, you ask? It’s a combination winter/autumn and it hits around December 15th. That’s just about the same time you can turn off the A/C. Last year, however, we had a bout of cold in October.

I am not complaining. I deal better with the heat than I do the cold. I can never seem to get warm once I get cold and I look rather ridiculous in the wautumn because I’m wearing leg warmers, socks, heavy cotton pants, a top, a sweater, and fingerless gloves. If I could find a nose warmer to breathe through, I’d try that.

How about you? Any hints of cooler weather yet in your neck of the woods?