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I was going to write an innocuous post this morning about buying an Instant Pot and how it mildly terrifies me. Or tell you about the divot that is now on the side of my nose. I had NO idea the hole would be that large.

But I read a comment this morning that just set me off. So, if you will pardon me I’m going on a rant.

We live in an era of perpetual offense. To be offended is to engage in a sport. I can’t read anything without someone being offended by someone else’s speech or actions. Frankly, I’m up to here with it.

I have never tried to deliberately offend anyone, but I’m not going to be told that there are only a few acceptable topics for me to talk about and then have my books brought up. The implication is all too clear. Be a good little writer or we won’t buy your books.

Hell, no.

There’s a lot of stuff going on in our country at the moment that profoundly disturbs me. One of those things is the silencing of speech because it offends the listener.

I never thought to have someone say that to me on my own blog.

Once again, hell no.

I’m sure that I will accidentally offend people in the future, but I’m not going to remain silent just in case that happens. Frankly, I’m amazed at what offends people. One day I was excoriated because I had the temerity to confess that I wasn’t a feminist. Now it’s something else. Maybe I should just issue a blanket apology at the start of every blog post.

Hell, no.