The Best Laid Plans

I was going to write an innocuous post this morning about buying an Instant Pot and how it mildly terrifies me. Or tell you about the divot that is now on the side of my nose. I had NO idea the hole would be that large.

But I read a comment this morning that just set me off. So, if you will pardon me I’m going on a rant.

We live in an era of perpetual offense. To be offended is to engage in a sport. I can’t read anything without someone being offended by someone else’s speech or actions. Frankly, I’m up to here with it.

I have never tried to deliberately offend anyone, but I’m not going to be told that there are only a few acceptable topics for me to talk about and then have my books brought up. The implication is all too clear. Be a good little writer or we won’t buy your books.

Hell, no.

There’s a lot of stuff going on in our country at the moment that profoundly disturbs me. One of those things is the silencing of speech because it offends the listener.

I never thought to have someone say that to me on my own blog.

Once again, hell no.

I’m sure that I will accidentally offend people in the future, but I’m not going to remain silent just in case that happens. Frankly, I’m amazed at what offends people. One day I was excoriated because I had the temerity to confess that I wasn’t a feminist. Now it’s something else. Maybe I should just issue a blanket apology at the start of every blog post.

Hell, no.

14 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans”

  1. I so agree with you—keep on writing your blog. I probably won’t always agree with you, but I just might learn something and think about something in a different way. We must learn to appreciate the differences in each of us if our species is to survive.

  2. Everybody is entitled to have their own opinion on things – this DOES NOT HURT ANYONE, until some idiot decides that their opinion is the only right one. This is one of my pet peeves, but I won’t get started on it. You are entitled to your own opinion and what is more, you usually explain WHY! Just ignore these simple-minded twits and carry on. If we all had the same opinions, likes, dislikes, etc this world would be such a boring place and no advancement would be achieved. As some people in the States say: You go, girl!

  3. I hear you. I’m sick and tired of all the “I’m offended” business. It’s gotten so far out of hand in our country. Have you taken a look at the new face of Chanel? I’m offended by that LOL. Anyway, I love your spunkiness and love you refuse to give into to these twerps.

  4. Bravo Karen, I agree with you. I am so sick of this crap already. It has come to the point that we cannot open our mouth anymore without someone being offended. Well too bad, grow up everyone. It is ridiculous and people don’t have a sense of humor anymore either.

  5. Good for you. I totally agree with you. This PC business has gone too far. Every time I read of a Justice of a court refute complaints that have already been in our history for what seems like forever I literally cheer him/her on. How about everyone growing up and learning that everything is not about you. How about bringing back courteousness and helping our neighbors instead of pretending insult just for money and tying up our courts with this nonsense. How about accepting that each individual has rights too. How about first come, first served. How about working for what you need or want. How about saving for the big things like every generation has done before us. Who else is as tired as I am with all this PC business? We need to work together and/or separately to make the life changes this world needs. Thank you, Karen for being such an inspiration!

  6. There is no law that says everyone has to agree with everyone. If I hear something I don’t agree with, I usually just move on. Now if someone says something to me in person and brings up something I don’t agree with, I no longer stay silent. But I never bring up things that I know to be controversial.

  7. oh boy do i agree with you. you can’t open your mouth and give an opinion without someone being aghast. i don’t care what people think. i have opinions and i have a right to express them. i love your blogs and always find myself agreeing with you. take good care of yourself and that darn cute puppy!

  8. Well, shoot fire, girl! Yes, Ma’am, like you I have been taken to task because I have said the wrong things. I have even had family members tell me that I must be careful about talking about my faith because I can offend some distant relatives. I am not supposed to voice an opinion. In fact, if I followed their instructions, I would be able to talk about the weather….unless someone were a huge fan of heat and humidity.

    I love the “trigger” stuff. I love the “zones” at colleges because some of the students do not want to hear things they do not like. I love the threats —-you do x and I will do y and you will be embarrassed or put out of business or whatever.

    I am not politically correct in any way. I also know that I do not start out to hurt anyone’s feelings. But, those feelings must be realistic. Do not get bent because I disagree with you, or because I have an opinion.

    If someone says something which is disagreeable or offensive to me, I have been known to say what I think. I do not become aggressive nor do I belittle someone’s opinion. But, I have never – never – never said to anyone “you are not allowed to say that or think that.”

    And I would not be very comfortable if I had to threaten people who disagreed with me.

    The funniest thing—-a few years ago a newspaper story about some jerk in a restaurant being verbally ugly to a young woman who was Muslim. I wrote a letter to the editor because lots of people wanted the jerk arrested. I pointed out, he was a jerk, but under our Constitution he has freedom of speech no matter how reprehensible it is. There was a rebuttal letter, telling me I must be like him and no matter what the Constitution said, he needed to be arrested.

    Freedom of speech is one of the loveliest things about this country. It is just unfortunate that so many people do not believe everyone is entitled to the same freedom of speech.

  9. I am 79 fighting my third bout oh cancer add winning. I take great satisfaction in being a hard headed old woman and saying exactly what I think Your books are a great delight to me. I look forward to your blogs keep up the good work and realize that envy causes a lot of thin skin. Nits

  10. I am 79 fighting my third bout oh cancer add winning. I take great satisfaction in being a hard headed old woman and saying exactly what I think Your books are a great delight to me. I look forward to your blogs keep up the good work and realize that envy causes a lot of thin skin. Nits

  11. Freedom of speech is being able to express your opinion. Manners is listening and if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all, just listen. You don’t have to be offended by everything that someone else says. It is call being out in the public and being civilized. I think our civilization is trying to go wild and not be human beings. I’m with you. Hell no, I won’t be afraid to express what I think for fear of offending someone else. I guess I’m too old to apologize for everything that I say. You go girl.

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