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This morning I fed Stanley and wondered if he would give me the, “Mais non, madame. I am too proud to descend to the rabbit hole of this, how do you say, pig food you offer me!”

I gave him some Fresh Pet Chicken dog food and mixed it with Dr. Tim’s Weight Control dry food. The latter has 8% fiber which I hope will help with Stanley’s anal gland issues, but not if he doesn’t eat it. (You know how you’re supposed to ease a dog into a new food gradually? Stanley has refused to eat so many foods lately that I give up. There will be no gradual transition at Casa Ranney.)

To my great surprise, he scarfed it up in 30 seconds flat. Plus, he did the same thing this afternoon. I told him, “Good boy!” with honest to God tears in my eyes. I am, however, not naive. Tomorrow may be another day.

Stanley didn’t want to go to day care. He whined at the top of his voice all the way there. I normally talk to him or sing to drown him out. This morning I just opened the window and let all the sound out. I’m sure people thought I was torturing him.

Now, as to finding the dermatologist. I got lost, natch. I pulled off into a strip center to consult the map and the idiot map app and lo and behold, but what was that huge honkin’ building across the street but DermSa. Wowza! Talk about the hand of God. Y’all, I have no idea how I found it.

I was super early which I always am. I must have been beaten as a child for being late somewhere. Now I’m always, always early. So, I trotted inside and they took me right away. The doctor was about 23, but he was a sweetie. He told me that I was pretty good looking for my age. I was torn between a swoon and rolling my eyes.

He thinks the spot was basal cell carcinoma, but he removed it and sent it off to pathology to be sure. If you have to have skin cancer, that’s the one to have. It doesn’t go deeper than the skin layer, unlike melanoma that can invade the body. I have this huge honkin’ bandage on my nose. Okay, it’s not that huge, but I always see it. The procedure was fast and painless. Funny thing, he used a marker to circle it, just like Dr. Pimple Popper.

I swear, one of these days I have to find a place to go to that isn’t around five different expressways, overpasses to the stars, or confusing signs. Maybe that’s just San Antonio. I didn’t get lost going home, but I did take a shorter route. The map app got mad at me and kept telling me to turn left. When I got to a stoplight I turned it off.

I was only gone about two hours, but I was exhausted after picking up Stanley and getting home. I took out the garbage, went to exercise, but quit after a half hour. Stanley joined me on the couch and we took a very long nap. Luckily, I’d made up for missing today by doing twice my quota yesterday, so I don’t feel like a sloth.

Well, only a little bit. 🙂