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Y’all, you are my gurus. I learn so much from each and every one of you. Now I have come to the well again.

I’m thinking of having a regular YouTube feature called Ask Auntie Karen. Who knows, it might be expanded to a podcast. I’m not adverse to wearing an Auntie Mame caftan, loads of clunky jewelry, and a turban.

So, here’s my plea to you: Can you give me questions you think would be fun to answer? I need serious questions, funny questions, things that pop into your mind.

If I choose your question, I’d like to use your name – first name and the initial of your last name and your city. Plus, I’d love to send you a choice of one of my books as a thank you. If I don’t have it in my cabinets (like Tapestry) I’ll order a copy from Amazon and have it sent to you and mail you a bookplate from here.

If you’d rather keep your questions between us, then email me at karen@karenranney.com with QUESTIONS as the subject line.

Thank you so much for your help!

(And Jeff, I’m looking forward to your contribution, too.)