Silly Stanley Strikes Again

Absolutely no reason to post this other than I thought it was funny.

Stanley has been having issues for the past week. He has refused to eat his food in the morning. He’s done this from time to time, but I won’t change his food again. He’s on a very expensive weight control canned food that’s about $2.50 a can. If he doesn’t like that I give up.

Anyway, I carry around his bowl of food in the morning. I put it in my office in case he wants to eat there. I take it to my bedroom when I get dressed. I take it back to the office.

Yesterday, I figured out the perfect way to get him to eat. I told him, “No dinner, no bone.” He gets his Oravet bone in the morning and he loves that silly thing. It takes about 30 seconds for him to eat it, but he jumps up and down and gets all excited when it’s time.

I think he really understood the ultimatum. He went right to his bowl and ate everything. It’s like telling a little kid, “No broccoli, no dessert.” This morning the same thing happened. When it was time for his bone I shook my head, pointed to his bowl and said, “No dinner, no bone.” Darned if he didn’t scarf it up.

Go figure.

10 thoughts on “Silly Stanley Strikes Again”

    • I have to admit I roll my eyes a lot. I have a set schedule every day. I have to be at my desk by 8:00 and working. Stanley screws up that schedule when he’s being picky. So, I just pick up his bowl and bring it into my office. He’s such a goof. I think he just doesn’t like eating early. Right now he doesn’t eat until about 10:00 AM. Go figure.

  1. I used to live with a Boston Terrier named Toby. He could fly just like the Boston in the picture. I believe you are not giving Stanley enough credit for being a genius dog.


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