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Y’all, you know I’m a gadget girl, right? I love stuff that is new and fun. However, I’m also a practical person, so when I see a product that combines a gadget element with a practical bent, I’m all for it.

Ta-dah! A product from Charmin.

Forever Roll Angle view

I have very little storage in my bathroom. I had a carpenter come in and install a cabinet near the bathtub for towels, but there’s no room for anything else. There’s one small cabinet next to the sink and I’ve equipped that with stainless steel shelves so I have a place to store shampoo, etc. So, there’s no place for other stuff.

Enter the giant rolls from Charmin. They offer this holder that sticks on the wall and works perfectly: (They also have a holder that’s freestanding.)

I know, this is such a weird thing to recommend, but when one roll lasts nearly a month, what’s not to love? (The only caution would be if you have a cat that loves to play with toilet tissue. He’d have a wonderful time with a 1700 sheet roll.)

Here’s the link if you’re interested.