Not a Message the Chamber of Commerce Will Enjoy

The other day I had a conversation with someone in Amazon’s Customer Service Department. She was moving to San Antonio and wanted to know if I liked the city.

Heaven help me, but I hesitated.

The other day, after some people were saying on NextDoor that my subdivision had become crime ridden, I went in search of crime statistics for San Antonio.

Oops, the Chamber of Commerce isn’t going to like this.

According to Neighborhood Scout, the cities are ranked by crime rates. 100 is the best and safest city. San Antonio is ranked 4. Yes, 4. It’s safer than 4% of other cities.

Big whoopie doo.

Crime is in every part of the city. You can move farther north. It’s there, too.

The chances of becoming a victim of property crime is 1 in 20. It’s 1 in 39 in Texas.

Spooky and slightly scary. I love my city, but I’m not happy about this trend.

The way I answered the woman who was moving here was: San Antonio is a beautiful city (and it is). I know you’ll find things to love (that, too).

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