My 30 Second Cooking Tip

Yep, me, offering cooking tips. Pigs are flying again. On second thought there’s no cooking involved, so I guess it’s not really cooking, either.

Take super ripe bananas – with the age spots, et al – and peel them. Cut into four pieces and put each banana in a plastic baggie. Freeze.

Next time you’re craving ice cream take out your frozen banana pieces and throw them into a food processor. Pulse until the banana is mashed and the consistency of soft serve ice cream. Top with nuts, if you wish, or even chocolate sauce. Yummy!

Tip: the riper the banana the sweeter the finished product. No need for additional sweetener, either.

If you’ve always known about banana ice cream, pardon my coming late to the table. I knew you could freeze mashed bananas (for banana bread, etc.), but I didn’t know you could make ice cream out of them.

11 thoughts on “My 30 Second Cooking Tip”

    • I am sorry. I just realized I had a bunch of ripe bananas and no spare monkeys, so I had to resort to the freezing method. 🙂

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