When the Electric Company Gets Obnoxious

For years our electric company sent me emails and snail mail about getting a new thermostat. They’d bring it to my house and install it for me. It was digital. It was new. It was super duper.

It also gave the electric company the ability to turn my thermostat up or down. So, coming home to a hot house on a summer day was the price you paid for this new, free electric company thermostat.

No thank you. I don’t want anyone to have the ability to alter my environment.

I opted out, which didn’t please them one bit, gauging from the number of email and brochures I continued to receive.

Then the electric company decided to start rating us by our electric usage. I got emails that read something like: Hey, Casa Ranney, you’re 75th in 100 homes in your subdivision. Bad Casa Ranney, bad.

I ignored them. I work from home. I’m not gone ten hours. I have the thermostat set on 76 and it’s not going higher.

Then the electric company started sending me voice mails. Hey, Casa Ranney, it’s going to be hot on Friday. Turn up your thermostat or do you want to be even lower in the rankings of your subdivision? Bad Casa Ranney, bad!!!

Today I received one voice mail and one email from the electric company. I have already opted out of every notification from them. That doesn’t matter. They’re going to tell me how bad I am and I’m going to attempt to ignore them, in between posting about them from time to time. 🙂

Bad, electric company, bad!

14 thoughts on “When the Electric Company Gets Obnoxious”

  1. 76°!! No way! Even if you weren’t working from home, think of poor Stanley if he were there. That’s far too warm. I have to live in a house with the thermostat set at 74° in summer and 72° in winter and I die of the heat. During the polar vortex time last winter, I used to go outside with no coat to cool off. I do heavy work and heavy lifting and 74° in AC is like working outside in summer without a breeze. The same with winter. And I won’t even mention what it’s like trying to sleep with the house that warm.
    The power company has to realize that some people work from home and there are also pets at home. There are other ways to conserve energy like pulling drapes, using ceiling fans, and as all southern belles know…taking a nap in the afternoon so you’re not moving around. How I wish I could do that. 🙂

    • In the last several years, Amy, I’ve been a cheap date A/C wise. For some reason I have an intolerance to cold. For the past two nights, for example, I’ve worn a sweater to bed over my nightgown. It’s weird, but it saves on air conditioning. In the winter I’m miserable, however, unless I start layering like mad. I look like an Eskimo when the temperature falls below 60.

  2. We have one of those and we do participate in the program, but we’re still the bad neighbors and don’t save as much because I work from home and refuse to work in a hot house. Plus, I have asthma. Fortunately, we only get emails about it and I just delete them.

  3. During the day the thermostat is kept at 73 and at bedtime we drop it to 71. We get the same emails from CPS but I just delete delete delete. Haven’t received any phone calls though.

    • I got two phone calls the same day I posted that. I let it go into voice mail and it was the same thing: lower your thermostat. Please.

  4. Well that is your choice on whether you want the thermostat or not and I am sorry that the electric company is not getting the message. I do want to tho thank you on your use of the term “super duper” , I love cute phrases like and hope you will find a way to use “peachy keen” in the future . You just never hear theses phrases much any more ,I miss that

    • Honey chile, I’m just full of phrases like that. My oldest son once told me, “Mom, do you realize you say a lot of strange things?” I still smile when remembering that. Plus, I’m of a certain age (ahem, ahem, dewy blossom in the Garden of Life) that I said all those things when they were popular and still remember them.

      Besides, I think they’re peachy keen. 🙂

  5. I had written a brilliant response, I was empathetic and all kinds of wonderful. I lost it all.

    My final thought was that I believe when you deal with a power company, the word power goes to their head.


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