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Hong Kong is an amazing thriving and thrumming colony, at least it was under British rule. On July 1, 1997 the UK turned over the sovereignty of Hong Kong to China.

I’ve always believed that Hong Kong was a difficult subject for China. The inhabitants of the colony were used to a westernized life and corresponding freedom. That must not have sat well with the Chinese Communist Party and Chairman Xi’s regime.

For years Hong Kong continued to thrive. Recently, however, China has been imposing rules and regulations that the people, who’ve grown up in a reasonably free society, are protesting.

Here the protesters have settled in to Hong Kong airport.

The result is that China has canceled all of the departing flights from Hong Kong’s international airport. This is the tenth straight weekend that protesters have clashed with police.

This will not end well.

Yesterday, Chinese troops began entering Hong Kong.

Remember Tiananmen Square thirty years ago? This could be worse.