Eleanor Roosevelt and Me

Do one thing every day that scares you.

That quote is attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt. I haven’t the slightest idea if she really said it, but it sounds like something she would believe. She was a trailblazer in many ways and rather fierce.

I don’t have a problem finding things that scare me. Lots of things do. I wonder if I should admit that, being a dewy blossom in the Garden of Life. However, it’s the absolute truth. Sometimes, I’d rather hide in my house than go out into the world. After all, my car is five years old and just hit 3000 miles. That shows you how much I leave my house, doesn’t it?

I’m in the throes of challenging myself, however. Maybe being on social media is part of it. Certainly planning on being on YouTube is a component. Talk about scary. But I sincerely think that pushing yourself is a good thing.

A few years ago I read about how to create new neural pathways in the brain. Up until recently scientists thought that you couldn’t develop new growth in an older brain, but now they know you can. The way you do it? Do something different. Walk into a room blindfolded. Walk backwards. Take a new route somewhere. Change a habit. Something small will do it, but do it often.

While you’re at it, do something that scares you.

8 thoughts on “Eleanor Roosevelt and Me”

  1. It’s amazing that the changes don’t have to be grandiose, even simple changes will challenge the brain in healthy ways.

  2. I did do something scary today Karen. There had been this spider upstairs in our bedroom window between the screen and the sliding part of the window. He had been in there for several days. So I mustered up the courage and slid the window open. In doing so the spider was then able to crawl to the other side that was just another side of the window but nothing was covering it. I gathered it up in a tissue all the while making screeching noises myself and threw him outside. I didn’t kill it. I actually felt sorry for the spider. Normally I would have killed it, but he had been stuck several days there and I thought it would just be cruel to kill it. But I was very afraid doing it!!

    • Good for you!

      I do this nutty thing every morning. There’s this one industrious spider – at least I think there’s only one – who makes an ornately beautiful web right in front of the kitchen door. I take the broom and sweep it out of the way, but I always check to make sure s/he’s somewhere else. I hate destroying all that beautiful work, but I don’t want to walk into it. Nor do I want to harm the spider.

  3. I recently attempted to give blood for the first time. I passed out BEFORE they drew the blood. I do find however when doing a thing that scares you , the thing is not as scary as you imagine it to be at times

    • Oh, see, I’d do the same thing.

      You’re right. I blow things way out of proportion just thinking about them.

      Giving blood, however, is a different kettle of fish. For years they told me I couldn’t give blood because I’ve had cancer. The last time I was around a blood drive mobile, however, they said I could. I chickened out. Cluck, cluck.

  4. Things scare me now that did not in the past. I am proud of you Ms Ranney. You are stepping into the unknown….it shows you got guts girl.

    • Isn’t that funny, Annette? I’m more timid now than I ever was at 20. Maybe it’s because I know that life is winding down and I don’t want to put whatever time I have left in jeopardy.

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