How Vermin Ridden is YOUR City?

Honestly, I was surprised to see that my city, San Antonio, was 37th on the list, especially after my conversation with the racoon wrangler a few months ago. San Antonio evidently has a real rat problem downtown in the older buildings. Hey, it’s temperate pretty much year round. For a rat it would be an idea spot to live.

This is the Orkin Pest Control list. I’m assuming that rodents means rats, but it could mean rats and mice. I’m also assuming that the + or – numbers refer to a change in ranking from the previous year.

The metro regions are ranked by the number of rodent treatments the company performed from September 15th, 2016 – September 15th, 2017. This ranking includes both residential and commercial treatments.

  1. Chicago
  2. New York
  3. Los Angeles (+1)
  4. San Francisco – Oakland (+1)
  5. Washington, DC (-2)
  6. Philadelphia (+1)
  7. Detroit (+2)
  8. Baltimore (-2)
  9. Seattle – Tacoma
  10. Dallas – Ft. Worth (+4)
  11. Denver (-1)
  12. Minneapolis – St. Paul (-4)
  13. Cleveland – Akron (+2)
  14. Atlanta (+2)
  15. Boston (-3)
  16. Hartford – New Haven (+1)
  17. Portland, OR (+3)
  18. Miami – Ft. Lauderdale (-5)
  19. Indianapolis
  20. Houston (+1)
  21. Milwaukee (+2)
  22. Pittsburgh (-4)
  23. New Orleans (+15)
  24. Cincinnati (+10)
  25. Richmond – Petersburg
  26. Sacramento – Stockton (+6)
  27. Kansas City (+3)
  28. Charlotte (-1)
  29. Norfolk – Portsmouth – Newport News (-5)
  30. Buffalo (-1)
  31. Columbus, OH (+6)
  32. St. Louis (-4)
  33. Raleigh – Durham (-11)
  34. Grand Rapids – Kalamazoo (-1)
  35. San Diego (+12)
  36. Albany – Schenectady (-10)
  37. San Antonio
  38. Tampa – St. Petersburg (-7)
  39. Rochester, NY (-4)
  40. Nashville (-1)
  41. Champaign – Springfield – Decatur
  42. Greenville – Spartanburg (-2)
  43. Memphis
  44. Phoenix (+1)
  45. Syracuse
  46. West Palm Beach (-10)
  47. Orlando – Daytona Beach (-1)
  48. Madison (+1)
  49. Flint – Saginaw (-8)
  50. Green Bay – Appleton (-6

When my first husband and I lived in Chicago we were finding it difficult to get an apartment in the city. Once, when I was looking at one I thought we could afford (I was 7 months pregnant at the time) a rat the size of a cat crossed in front of me in the hallway. I screamed. My sister-in-law, who lived in the northern part of the city, told me not to be squeamish. Chicago was infested with rats. I would have to learn to fight them. We ended up getting an apartment in Addison, a suburb. It meant a rough commute for my husband, but we didn’t have to learn to fight rats.

To this day I would rather not have any four legged animals living in my house that aren’t there by invitation. 🙂

12 thoughts on “How Vermin Ridden is YOUR City?”

  1. I am in Auburn which is 3o min away from Springfield IL . (number 41 on the list) Come to think of it the cats were keeping an eye on something near the stove. I don’t know what but I hope they catch it

  2. I was waiting for the subway in New York when we were there on vacation and I saw some creature on the other side of the tracks. I told my husband “someone should go rescue that cat before it gets hit by the train”. The lady standing next to me laughed and said “that’s a rat, in NYC they are the size of cats”. eekkkk

  3. Mice and rats have fangs that drag on the floor. You can hear their huge claws on the floor as the walk. I do not like vermin. But, you may have already figured that out.

  4. I think it should just be expected that any major metropolitan city will have rats. It’s hard to eradicate them when they can easily move from one building to the next and buildings are not “airtight.”

  5. Rats are disgusting and filthy. I live in California and I’ve seen on the news how the rat population is growing in San Francisco ad Los Angeles. I blame the homeless situation which has gotten out of hand with a worthless governor and mayor. They better clean the mess up before there is an epidemic.

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