Social Media and Me

Dear Instagram:

I’ve never used you before. I swear. I’m raising my hand here and spitting in the wind. How can you possibly lock my account for violating your terms of service before I posted a flipping thing? I guess you must know something that I don’t. I swear I bathe. I don’t abuse animals. I’m a good citizen.

Well, Instagram, I’m trying again. This is the THIRD ACCOUNT I’VE SET UP WITH YOU. So far I’ve posted mostly Stanley’s photos. I can’t vouch for his entire life, but he’s been a model dog citizen since May, 2018.

How come you allow nudity on Instagram, but I get blocked before I post anything? Just asking for a friend.

My Instagram account: Karen.Ranney (please note the . between first and last name). (Writer Karen Ranney is the account that Instagram blocked, so if you followed that one I’ll never be able to post anything to it.) Also, did you know there was a #karenranney hashtag? Me neither. Here’s the whole URL:

Dear Twitter:

You’ve been the only easy thing in this whole mess. Thank you for that. I could care less about getting a verified blue check. I had one of those once and it didn’t make me a millionaire or cure acne. But I really do appreciate that you haven’t locked my account. Yet.

My Twitter account: KarenRanney1 (This is the only one I am posting to. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another one, two, or three floating around. Sigh.) Here’s the whole URL:

Dear Facebook,

Have you lost your everlovin’ mind?

You disabled my account. I haven’t the slightest idea why. When I inquired you told me to send you an ID. I sent you one without my social, birth date, or other personal stuff. Then you wanted a picture. Nope, that was too small. Bigger picture, please. Okay. That was July 11th. I’m still disabled. I give up. I no longer care.

Dear Facebook, please _____________________________. (You know what I’m thinking. I don’t really need to type the words, do I?)

My blog/website will always be my primary link with the outside world. Thank heavens.

11 thoughts on “Social Media and Me”

  1. I’m still trying to figure out Instagram too, Karen. I don’t really understand the draw to it except that it can only really be accessed and photos shared from your phone and everyone lives on their phones these days. I don’t and I guess that’s why I’m not impressed with the site. But I was advised that if I want readers to know about my books that I needed to be on Instagram. Kapooey!
    Someone suggested that Instagram might be locked because your FB is…I suspect that might be the case. They are linked. It’s why I don’t allow IG to automatically upload to FB and never will. I don’t like them having that much control and if one goes down the other one goes down too.
    I will follow you at the new IG address…I’ll follow you wherever you go. Laughing! xo

    • I seem to still be up on IG – so far. I have given up on FB. I really don’t care. I told my editor I’d do the social media thing and I have. But what a bother!

  2. OY! What a nightmare!

    Just this past weekend, my FB account was hacked. Not much there, so I hope they had a ball for a couple of hours, IDIOTS! Facebook didn’t catch it, a friend sent me a message and I immediately changed my password.

    I think life was easier and less stressful without all this social media stuff. The saving grace for me is that I can talk to my friends and family that are all over God’s country. 😉

    • Oh how awful, Gail. Honestly, I haven’t been a fan of FB since I had those death threats and they told me to just block the person. Hello?

  3. Instagram locking accounts is a pretty common topic on reddit ( and Facebook is a God-awful mess even on a good day. Now that FB owns Instagram I don’t see things getting better. Twitter is kind of meh as is Tumblr. I would LOVE to have a new social media platform to consolidate all of my social media on. Mastadon is looking kind of OK but the problem is getting followers, many who find FB and IG to be technically challenging, to switch over.

    • When I say I’m new to Instagram that is not an exaggeration. They’ve already made me mad and I haven’t been there a month. 🙂

      I haven’t heard of Mastadon. Have you done anything on WeMe?

  4. WOW! You want to get into your accounts and after I closed mine, I was still getting notices from Twitter and Facebook. In fact, for Facebook, after 10 years they were sending me things for a time.

    So, if I were a cynic and believed in a dark plot by the big tech companies of the world, I would believe they just like messin’ with our heads.

    But, I am not an author. And I know that what they are doing to you is not a joke. Hang in. Surely after a time they will get things fixed for you.

  5. Your Facebook and Instagram account could be linked. It can take 30 days to get Facebook unlocked. I’ve never been locked out of Instagram, but I’ve had hack attempts.

    Your publisher or anyone promoting, or even reading your books could have used the hashtag.

    Best wishes.

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