Fun Times in Ranney/Stanley-Land

I have ceded my home to my dog today. It’s been all Stanley, all the time, at least since dawn.

Yesterday, the lovely people from Keller Materials dropped off 7 cubic yards of decomposed granite on my driveway. I’m serious about the lovely part. What a great company! The driver didn’t speak much English and my Spanish sucks, but we managed to communicate well enough. It was fun watching the huge truck unload everything. Thankfully, John was here and corralled Stanley so I could be in my garage watching myself be trapped by decomposed granite. I could have moved the car, but I didn’t have any plans to go anywhere.

Today my yard person and three helpers are spreading all the DG in the backyard. Remember the little creek and the bridge? Well, it’s no more. I realized, the first time it rained, what a disaster the creek was. It filled up with water and stayed there for way too long. Mosquito heaven! Plus, it’s been a bear to maintain. The soil kept falling into the creek and all the rocks were obscured. My yard guy is filling it in, compacting it down, and removing the bridge and the ultra large rocks.

What the yard looked like brand new, in 2016.

Stanley has been supervising with barks since dawn.

Over time, some of the beautiful, exotic plants died, but I had cacti replanted in their place.

The cacti seem happy – and they’re five times this size now.

The backyard is a metaphor for most goals in life, I think. You do one thing. When it doesn’t completely work out, you tweak it a little, do some reorganization, a little thinking, some more manipulation, all to get it to work how you want.

If you’re lucky you have a four legged furry who acts as a cheerleader. (Stanley is confined to the inside until they finish, about two more hours from now. He’ll be hoarse by then, as well as exhausted and crossing his legs. A dog’s work is never done. Of course, my work doesn’t matter. As long as he’s happy. 🙂 )

4 thoughts on “Fun Times in Ranney/Stanley-Land”

  1. Ha! We have decomposed granite spread between the flagstone patio. Mike has been redoing it this summer. Fun, fun, fun!

  2. Use your coffee grounds as fertilizer. It’s the best thing. I thought my rose had died but after I started putting coffee grounds around it, it’s been resurrected! I’ve also saved a crepe myrtle that way.

  3. Stanley is a cheerleader because he wants to encourage you to continue to entertain him. I mean, without his barks to the wise, how would you know what is the good stuff?

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